Our Values

We have an unwavering commitment to putting kids first.

AMIkids has enjoyed great success in transforming kids because we take the unconventional approach of putting “Kids First.” This core value permeates throughout all 14 AMIkids values to empower kids to achieve their potential.

Our Guiding Principles

Kids First

All decisions by staff and board members are made on the basis of what is best for the kids.


An atmosphere throughout AMIkids where kids are treated as our own family members. For a family atmosphere to thrive, everyone associated with the organization has to be treated as family with high expectations, respect and accountability.  


Our programs are operated where student, staff and the public safety is the responsibility of everyone in the organization.

Our Core Values

  • Creativity

    Each team member strives to create an environment which fosters new ideas and champions them to make those ideas reality, with the goal of providing the safest, most effective service possible.  
  • Honesty

    Dealing with everyone who comes in contact with us in an upright, truthful fashion
  • Enthusiasm

    Operating with a strong inspirational display of excitement and commitment toward the mission and goals of the organization.
  • Integrity

    Doing what we say, when we said we would do it, or notifying the other party in advance.  
  • Loyalty

    Our organization is operated in such a way that no one should be asked to compromise on ethical issues.  On issues of disagreement, each family member is expected to communicate pertinent facts and opinions and then implement the final decision with enthusiasm and commitment.
  • Leadership

    Uniting a richly diverse team where everyone has a leadership role in problem solving and organizational improvement in pursuit of common goals.
  • Diversity

    Understanding that we have more similarities than differences, and recognizing that our differences strengthen us and our services for kids.
  • Goal Orientation

    We are a results-oriented organization that believes in establishing goals for our kids, staff and the organization, and pursuing the most direct and effective paths to achieving those goals.
  • Excellence

    To be the best and to pursue any strategy that might improve our service
  • Dedication

    A personal commitment to do whatever is necessary to help our kids grow into responsible, productive members of their community.
  • Respect

    Demonstrate in every interaction our regard for the value, opinion and well-being of each individual with whom we are in contact