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Joining law enforcement and at-risk youth to build stronger communities



AMIkids has launched #BreakingBarriers, a bridge-building campaign that forages a foundation of healthy communication, mutual trust and mutual understanding between law enforcement and at-risk youth with the goal of strengthening communities.

#BreakingBarriers will include AMIkids programs across 9 states with community-based events that will increase dialogue and positive interaction between law enforcement and troubled youth. AMIkids will sustain this partnership long-term with ongoing relationship-building activities that will have a lasting impact on the police officers and communities they serve.

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#BreakingBarriers helps at-risk youth and law enforcement build lasting relationships to strengthen our communities.

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Joseph Gallina
Director of Marketing & Communications
D: 813 249 3739
C: 813 523 9600

What They're Saying:

"...The sooner we get in touch with our youth, the more likely we're going to prevent them from seeking that life of crime. Getting in at the ground level, setting the foundation to make sure they're successful in life."
- Chief Eric Ward, Tampa Police Department

"“Events such as our Annual Youth Bicycle Safety Rodeo are excellent examples of collaborative efforts between the Quincy Police Department and AMIKids Gadsden. We are proud of the great partnership we share with AMIKids Gadsden and will continue to do everything we can to assure that we Breaking Barriers and improving kid’s lives.”
- Glenn Sapp, Quincy Chief of Police.

"This was not what I expected, I learned that the police are our friends and they care about us and want to help us."​
- AMIkids Sandhills student, J. Hunter

"What we did here today was awesome, it helped us to bond with the kids and hopefully they see us in a different light; we must do this again."
- Major Briana Davis, ​Chesterfield County Sheriff Department 



As the AMIkids National Board of Trustees Chairman, I’ve met countless youth who have been touched by violence in their neighborhoods and are affected by the daily exposure to rising tension between the public and law enforcement.  With the mission of helping troubled youth realize their potential and positively transform their lives, AMIkids is on the front lines working with at-risk youth in low opportunity communities. Nonprofits, like AMIkids, know how important it is to heal what’s broken today to impact the reality of tomorrow. 

#BreakingBarriers brings Law Enforcement and at-risk youth together in a setting that promotes mutual respect and communication toward foraging positive relationships. This campaign signals the beginning of AMIkids’ national effort to bridge the gap in police-community relations – particularly as it relates to law enforcement and at-risk youth. By creating opportunities for increased dialogue and interaction with police and troubled youth, AMIkids hopes to increase trust and break down the barriers that divide the communities it serves. 

#BreakingBarriers events have rolled out nationally to include dozens of AMIkids programs in 9 states. This initiative will be sustained long-term with additional ongoing bond-building activities that will have the potential of reaching hundreds of youth and their local police departments.

Our youth are our future and programs like #BreakingBarriers can help them find common ground with the police, enabling them to forage the positive relationships required for both parties to be successful.



Since our founding in 1969, AMIkids has served more than 135,000 youth


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