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Welcome to the Marine Education Program blog! Visit this site for information about our efforts to incorporate boating, scuba diving and marine related fields into our unique combination of education, behavior modification, and treatment to help at-risk youth discover their full potential and guiding them on their paths to a positive future.

  • AMIkids Floating Classroom

    by Jorge Mahauad | Aug 08, 2018
    The Floating Classroom is an innovative tool to inspire youth in our programs to get involved in the outdoors and become better stewards of the environment around them.

    "The Orlando’s Rose", a vessel designed to conduct marine education and research activities and donated by Bill and Carol Barrows, provides the youth with a half day excursion.

    AMIkids partners with Mote Marine Laboratory Educators who provide lectures and environmental interpretation on board. The curriculum includes field activities such as identifying different organisms and collecting specimen samples in the waterways around the greater Tampa area. Check it out!

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  • The 2018 Presidential Dive Challenge aboard Orlando's Rose

    by Jorge Mahauad | Jul 20, 2018
    St. Petersburg, FL

    A few photos of the the 2018 Presidential Dive Challenge aboard Orlando's Rose below.

    The annual AMIkids Presidential Dive introduces youth to the underwater world and allows students who have earned the opportunity to participate a chance to explore different animals, habitats and most importantly become open water certified by the completion of the week-long event.

    Every year more than 50 youth and 40 staff spend three days becoming more familiar with the Key Largo region and the pristine waters that are home to species of all shapes and sizes along with exotic plant life. Students were able to apply everything they learn in the classroom over months of preparation and good behavior and begin to truly understand how the deep blue environment functions.

    The presidential dive trip also provides time for youth and staff from multiple programs a chance to interact with one another developing lifelong friendships. Through these newly formed friendships, students and staff were able to assist one another in different diving exercises and begin to understand that nothing could stop them as long as they applied themselves and encouraged one another to reach their full potential.

    The trip closes with an awards ceremony and dinner for the youth presenting them with their diving certifications and complimenting them on their hard work throughout the week.

  • 7 youth from AMIkids Pinellas participate to Discover Scuba Diving

    by Jorge Mahauad | Jul 09, 2018

    St. Petersburg, FL

    7 youth from AMIkids Pinellas participated in a PADI Discover Scuba Diving.  The DSD is a supervised scuba experience designed to introduce non-divers to the underwater world. 

    The kids were extremely happy and excited; they immediately asked: when can we do this again!? 

    The AMIkids marine program will be conducting more DSD experiences with schools throughout the second semester of 2018 and the introductory experience will be a regular ongoing marine initiative.