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AMIkids recognizes MOTE Marine Laboratory for 3 year partnership

by Jorge Mahauad | Sep 07, 2018

St. Petersburg, FL

Earlier today, AMIkids President and CEO Mike Thornton and the AMIkids Marine Education Program team members recognized the Education Department of MOTE Marine Laboratory for their support with the Floating Classroom initiative. A Thank You plaque was delivered.

MOTE Marine Laboratory staff and Mike Thornton, AMIkids CEO

MOTE Marine Laboratory has been a key partner in the execution of the Floating Classroom.

All AMIkids programs have the opportunity to bring youth to St. Petersburg, where students and team members embark on Orlando’s Rose, a marine research vessel docked in Tampa Bay, and take a day trip to a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico. On the boat trip, educators from Mote Marine Laboratory teach a marine biology lesson, integrating the core subjects of math and science. Youth then have the opportunity to learn hands-on about the ecosystem by wading in the water, collecting samples, and inspecting creatures under on-board microscopes.

The Floating Classroom takes one trip per month; our goal is to expand the curriculum of the Floating Classroom to expose the students to a greater understanding of our local estuaries.

Learn more about the Floating Classroom here.