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Corporate Dive Control Officer appointed

by Jorge Mahauad | Oct 04, 2018
St. Petersburg, FL

Jorge A. Mahauad, Marine Program and Yacht Donation Marketing Manager was appointed as Corporate Dive Control Officer position for AMIkids yesterday.

The Corporate Dive Control Officer (CDCO) oversees Dive Safety Officers (DSO) in programs with independent dive operations and supervises overall compliance with legal and safety standards. The CDCO also executes dive programs in schools without the resources to execute independent dive operations from the AMIkids Inc. home office in Tampa and Boatyard in St. Petersburg.

AMIkids Dive Control Officer

"I look forward to working with our programs in Greater Fort Lauderdale, Miami-Dade North Miami-Dade South, Panama City Marine Institute, Beaufort, Baton Rouge and Savannah River closely and also to developing new dive programs in Jacksonville and Southwest Florida soon",  he said.