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AMIkids Tampa youth participate in educational fishing experience

by Jorge Mahauad | Oct 18, 2018
St. Petersburg, FL

On Monday, October 15, 2018 four youth and two staff from AMIkids Tampa participated of an educational fishing experience in Tampa Bay. The fishing experience is an outdoor curriculum designed to provide participants with hands-on experience about the species of fish in the bay and estuaries.

Complementing the floating classroom, this experience provides more in depth knowledge of our estuaries and with basic fishing skills they can replicate in the future. It also includes a hands on small boating component.

The program was conducted using one of our fleet boats but the skills taught are transferable to be used from a bridge or from the beach.

At the end of this experience each participant gets to take home a basic fishing pole and reel they can use anytime on their own. The objective of gifting them with their first rod and reel is to provide them with the choice to engage in fun, low cost outdoor activities. 

AMIkids Tampa offers prevention and aftercare programs for youth generally between 12 and 16 years of age. Currently serving about 50 students, the school is located at 1730 Maritime Blvd and has been in operation since 1971.