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AMIkids Beaufort Develops Marine Education Program

by Jorge Mahauad | Feb 26, 2019
Gene Clark from Port Royal Scuba and Jay Marshall from AMikids Beaufort conducted a “Fishing Research Team” excursion with 5 youth from AMIkids Beaufort. This is the first of a series of programs scheduled for 2019.

Fishing Research Team

During the program participants help operate the Research Vessel “ORION”. They collaborate and receive training in Vessel Operations, helmsmanship, charting, navigation, maritime communication, anchoring, docking, weather, tide cycles, emergency procedures and devices.

Fishing Research Team

The ecology and biology component develops skills in scientific data collection by the use of Scientific Instruments including: salinity refractometer, Secchi disk, barometer, thermometer, sounder, gps, and compass.

For biological studies they use fishing gear including: nets, traps, rods and reels. The recorded data readings and observed species are reported to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources to help Fishery Scientists protect maritime resources.  

Fishing Research Team, AMIkids Beaufort

This  program is Fishing Research was developed by the collaboration of AMikids Beaufort and Port Royal Scuba and is designed to educate and inspire the students while reinforcing an attitude of respect and responsibility.