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A Year in Review: 2016 Floating Classroom

Jan 03, 2017

unspecifiedThe AMIkids Boat Program offered a year full of marine and science education outings for youth around the country aboard the 65-foot Silvership, Orlando’s Rose. More than 70 students from 15 programs participated throughout the year. The monthly trips consisted of students completing a curriculum that included boating safety, classroom lessons on biodiversity, and watershed lessons.

  IMG_1954After completing the required curriculum, students then joined the AMIkids Boat Program and experts from Mote Marine for a half day excursion on the water. While aboard the vessel, youth were able to hear from biologists currently working in the field and they also had the opportunity to conduct hands-on activities collecting water samples, a plankton tow and observe different organisms they collected utilizing scientific equipment.

   Once the half day excursions concluded, students then visited The Florida Aquarium to continue exploring different species and plant life discussed throughout their lessons. Youth were also given the chance to interact with different species including a thrilling stingray touch-tank. 

  FullSizeRender Overall, 2016 was an incredible year for AMIkids and the “Floating Classroom.” The program is continuing to grow and is expected to be even bigger and better next year! The sole purpose of this program is to offer students the opportunity to learn more about marine science education, boating safety and teamwork ultimately creating better stewards of the environment for a brighter tomorrow.

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