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2017 Summer Challenge: An Event To Remember

Jun 13, 2017

IMG_0289The 2017 Summer Challenge Event was an incredible experience! More than 20 programs participated in the yearly event held at South Carolina State University, an institute that has helped to shape the futures of many students including some within the AMIkids organization.

 The first day consisted of creative writing and spelling bee competitions. We were also treated to the unveiling of the new and beautiful AMIkids food trailer. After the competitions groups gathered for the opening ceremony in the Washington Dining Hall to receive awards and showcase some of their favorite program chants as they cheered on one another and their recent accomplishments.

    The second day was packed full of action. Students participated in track events,AMIkids Culinarymarlinspike, relay, group challenge, first aid, academic quiz bowl, and speech pre-qualifiers. As the day winded down students were presented with new challenge event, the Stir Fry Competition. The Stir Fry Competition was presented in collaboration with our new partner,Canteen.  It required participants to create the best stir fry dish using choice ingredients. After creating several excellent dishes White Pines took the title for best dish.

    Day two closed with awards ceremonies and speech qualifiers. Some of the topics selected by students were personal responsibility, affordable education and the need to eliminate bullying in schools across the country. The evening ended with Angee Hastings of the AMIkids Challenge Events and Director of HR & Professional Development demonstrating a martial art exercise that was highly enjoyed by all.

AMIkids Challenge Event SwimmingOn the third day, youth competed in aquatic competitions, closed out track events and continued the Round Robin events. Once these events were completed students gathered to watch the Sand Hills program demonstrate the proper way to administer an EKG test on a patient. After this impressive presentation concluded, youth heard from semi-final speech contestants and viewed a live marlinspike championship with Sandoval being declared the overall winner of the competition.

       The final day consisted with the wrap-up of volleyball, tug-o-war and standingAMIkids Challenge Event Celebration broad jump events outside. After the events ended for the day, students prepared for the annual awards banquet. CEO O.B. Stander delivered a speech asking students to be the spark for their program and help others accomplish great things. Testimonials were shared and a message was recorded from U.S. Senator Tim Scott congratulating the youth on their hard work.

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