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Thank you for your service to AMIkids - The Family Beacon, Calendar Year 2019!

Dec 16, 2019

Cheers to the AMIkids staff celebrating their anniversary as a member of the AMIkids Family during 2019!!

30+ Years with AMIkids!

Savannah River Wade Goss 32 Years
PCMI Ronald Boyce 31 Years
Rio Grande Valley Robert Vera 30 Years

25+ Years with AMIkids!

Home Office Michael Thornton 29 Years
Home Office Heyward Golden 29 Years
White Pines Charles Anfield 29 Years
Sand Hills Jerome Platt 29 Years
Pinellas Star Moran 28 Years
Home Office Maria Greico 28 Years
Home Office Devon Simon 27 Years
Home Office Wendell Watson, III 27 Years
Greater Fort Lauderdale Anthony McGee 27 Years
Caddo Jamile Emile 27 Years
Home Office Angee Hastings 26 Years
Jacksonville David Cobb 26 Years
Home Office Luis Ceruti 26 Years
Home Office Issac Williams 26 Years
Manatee County Marvin Ferrell, Jr. 25 Years
Beaufort Margaret Daly 25 Years

20+ Years with AMIkids! 

Tallahassee Wesley Smith 24 Years
Home Office Martha Chaffin 24 Years
Georgetown Michael Wright 24 Years
Home Office Julie Fehr 23 Years
Rio Grande Valley Andres Mireles 23 Years
Greater Fort Lauderdale Cristen Melegian 23 Years
Infinity Marlboro Darian Rembert 22 Years
Family Services Deleatha Kelsey 22 Years
Spacecoast Michel Descoteaux 22 Years
Orlando Wanda Walker 22 Years
Georgetown Henrietta Gethers 22 Years
AMIkids Boatyard Kelly Collins 22 Years
Home Office Richard Hilton 21 Years
Spacecoast Errol Denson 21 Years
Spacecoast George Wood 21 Years
Rio Grande Valley Javier Ibarra 20 Years
Tallahassee Shannon Baker 20 Years
Bennettsville Joshua Brown 20 Years
Piedmont Tomika Allen 20 Years
AMIkids Boatyard Robert Dupuy 20 Years

15+ Years with AMIkids!  

Home Office Amy Bradshaw Hoppock 19 Years
Y.E.S. Karla Lawton 19 Years
Beaufort Jermaine Antley 18 Years
Sand Hills Patricia Hudley 18 Years
Clay County Charles Benda 18 Years
Spacecoast Rose Leonhart 17 Years
Clay County Maria Przybylski 17 Years
Y.E.S. Rita West 16 Years
Savannah River Jerone Bell 16 Years
Spacecoast Calvin Roper 16 Years
Spacecoast Dean Christos 15 Years
Tampa Norris Mond 15 Years
Bennettsville Gerald Cordell, Jr. 15 Years
Pinellas Robert Johnson 15 Years
Sand Hills Gerald Chapman 15 Years
Home Office Rebecca Corrigan 15 Years
Home Office Rickie Hardy, Jr. 15 Years

+ Years with AMIkids!  

Jacksonville Stephanie OBrien-Gadd 14 Years
Spacecoast Cedric Cliatt 14 Years
Home Office Stanley Frye 13 Years
Greater Fort Lauderdale Michael Moistner 13 Years
Miami Dade (South) Terrance Levell 13 Years
Manatee County Janine Gordon 13 Years
Georgetown Mary McGirt 13 Years
Home Office Saray Thach 13 Years
White Pines Laquentin Irvin 13 Years
White Pines Valerie Green 13 Years
Y.E.S. Miguel Ramos 13 Years
PCMI Darla Vaudrin 12 Years
Piedmont George Mahida 12 Years
Home Office David Moss 12 Years
Infinity Wake County Antwaun Arnold 12 Years
Volusia Debra Bouthiller 12 Years
PCMI Jaime Dahlin 12 Years
Miami Dade (South) Sandra Scarborough 12 Years
Spacecoast Allen Broomfield 12 Years
Home Office Robert Waters 12 Years
Sandoval Kelvin Jeter 11 Years
Rio Grande Valley Deborah Copeland 11 Years
Baton Rouge Diaquire Thomas 11 Years
Sand Hills Keith Ford 11 Years
Beaufort Melvin Brown 11 Years
Acadiana Lisa Wilridge 11 Years
Acadiana Renata Thomas 11 Years
Acadiana Suzanna Charles 11 Years
Rio Grande Valley Reynaldo Torres 11 Years
Home Office DeShawn Mason 11 Years
Georgetown Enga Bonds 11 Years
Pinellas James Sellers 11 Years
Home Office Nicole Barnes 11 Years
Spacecoast Peter Augustine 11 Years
Y.E.S. Ruben Rocha 11 Years
Beaufort Guy Henry 11 Years
Miami Dade (North) Enrique Garcia, Jr. 11 Years
AMIkids Boatyard Dudley Savage 10 Years
Infinity Marlboro Kimberly Dease 10 Years
PCMI Billy Morris, Jr. 10 Years
Infinity Marlboro Debra Lloyd 10 Years
Beaufort Joanne Peifer 10 Years

Under 5 Years with AMIkids!

Sand Hills Betty Slater 9 Years
Y.E.S. Melissa Baker 9 Years
Volusia Kathryn Haynes 9 Years
Savannah River Shirley Williams 9 Years
Miami Dade (South) Natividad Marte 9 Years
Home Office Jackie Tatum 9 Years
Sand Hills Rattler Burch 9 Years
Miami Dade (North) Abraham Ruiz 9 Years
Home Office Renita English 8 Years
Home Office David Laramee 8 Years
Georgetown Patrick Cumbee 8 Years
Southwest Florida Jeffrey Jean-Jacques 8 Years
White Pines Janet Smith 8 Years
Acadiana Marcelete Reed 8 Years
Y.E.S. D'Lon Palmer 8 Years
Bennettsville Jerome Williams 8 Years
Home Office Debra Meyer 8 Years
Georgetown Joseph Grate, Jr. 8 Years
White Pines Terence Crosby 8 Years
AMIkids Virginia, Inc. Jaclyn Scott 8 Years
Home Office Korah Skuce 8 Years
NC Family Services Mary Lovett 8 Years
Volusia Brent Boyle 8 Years
Sandoval Patrick Aragon 8 Years
NC Family Services Lindsey Hanes 7 Years
Spacecoast Trifornia Rudolph 7 Years
Rio Grande Valley Silvano Cruces, Jr. 7 Years
Piedmont David Green 7 Years
Beaufort Matthew Kingdom 7 Years
Rio Grande Valley Jose Badillo 7 Years
Escambia Boys Base Jeronda Golston 7 Years
Greater Fort Lauderdale Felix Collazo 7 Years
NC Family Services Kasi Floyd 7 Years
Behavioral Health Danielle Crespi 7 Years
Caddo Mitchell Steiner, Jr. 7 Years
Miami Dade (North) Viola Omega 7 Years
Spacecoast Ruby Kehayias 7 Years
Gainesville Lisa Anspacher 7 Years
Sandoval Eloyda Romero 7 Years
Spacecoast Lelia Weeks 6 Years
NC Family Services Nash Love, III 6 Years
Sandoval Maggie Chiquito 6 Years
Georgetown Erik Wright 6 Years
Spacecoast Cody Barton 6 Years
Sand Hills Vera Fludd 6 Years
Volusia Stephen Odu 6 Years
Sandoval Caleb Vigil 6 Years
Sandoval Daniel Bacallao 6 Years
Infinity Marlboro Marquais Hamlin 6 Years
Sandoval Sherrica Cressor 6 Years
Escambia Boys Base Jonathan Wiggins 6 Years
Escambia Boys Base Oliver Jones 6 Years
Escambia Boys Base William Freeman 6 Years
Home Office Melissa Chaves 6 Years
Jacksonville Kimberly Aher 6 Years
Pinellas Anita Chapoval 6 Years
Georgetown Allen Dennison 6 Years
NC Family Services Olivia Newton 6 Years
White Pines McKinnley Anderson 6 Years
Savannah River Calma Weiss 6 Years
Beaufort Shalae Edwards 6 Years
Sandoval Stella Gonzales 6 Years
Home Office Eric Thach 6 Years
Spacecoast Derek Tolley 6 Years
Infinity Wake County Bertha Phillips 6 Years
Miami Dade (North) Anthony Gaines 6 Years
Orlando Anthony Ervin 6 Years
Home Office Fredrickson Saint Louis 6 Years
Acadiana Charmona Murphy-Henry 5 Years
PCMI Cheri Williams 5 Years
Tampa Carlos Valdes 5 Years
Y.E.S. Darby Saint-Louis 5 Years
Acadiana Gwendolyn Meche 5 Years
White Pines Anthony Sartor 5 Years
Escambia Boys Base John Thurman 5 Years
Spacecoast Sharon VanSyckle 5 Years
Rio Grande Valley Perla Hernandez 5 Years
Spacecoast Norma Bolton 5 Years
Y.E.S. Andre Wray 5 Years
Georgetown Letichia Gallishaw 5 Years
Volusia Nathaly Viana 5 Years
Gainesville Allison Marek 5 Years
Pensacola Reginald Robinson, Jr. 5 Years
Savannah River Billy Waters 5 Years
Orlando Roshalle Calcote 5 Years
Pinellas Michael Shelby 5 Years
Miami Dade (South) Carlos Perez 5 Years
Spacecoast Corey Mashkow 5 Years
Miami Dade (North) Traceshaud Carter 5 Years
Gainesville Dollean Perkins 5 Years
Sandoval Tammy Herrera 5 Years
Miami Dade (North) Kevin Saint-Fort 5 Years
Jacksonville Ernest Glenn 5 Years
Spacecoast Vivet Angoy 5 Years
Escambia Boys Base Rasheda Alexander 5 Years
AMIkids Boatyard Roger Herd 5 Years
Home Office DeCarlo McKenzie 5 Years
Home Office Marie Haskins 5 Years
Pinellas Altricia Latimer 5 Years
Piedmont Zandria Hicks 5 Years
Miami Dade (South) Craytona Sanders 5 Years
Baton Rouge Lolita Jones 5 Years

Under 5 Years with AMIkids!

White Pines Justin Koepke 4 Years
Home Office Katrina Cox 4 Years
Tampa Deborah Yandila 4 Years
Y.E.S. Therese Hatwell 4 Years
White Pines Dorothy Cannon 4 Years
White Pines Lateia Brailey 4 Years
Sandoval Mary Reynolds 4 Years
White Pines Terlexcia Robinson 4 Years
PCMI Joshua Bailey 4 Years
White Pines Shawn Coleman 4 Years
Emerald Coast Audra Ray 4 Years
Bennettsville Clyde Morris 4 Years
Home Office Crystal Winch 4 Years
Savannah River John Gaskins 4 Years
Savannah River Danny West 4 Years
White Pines Kourtney Paulo 4 Years
Home Office Rosemary Brackman 4 Years
Piedmont Scott Green 4 Years
Savannah River Kendrick Prescott 4 Years
Southwest Florida Natasha Cleare 4 Years
Escambia Boys Base Steven Lovette 4 Years
Y.E.S. Emmanuel Akah 4 Years
Savannah River William Sheley 4 Years
Spacecoast Danielle Jewett 4 Years
Spacecoast Tina Colon 4 Years
Y.E.S. Danielle Lentchner 4 Years
Sand Hills Bobby Stanton 4 Years
Escambia Boys Base Alexia Mader 4 Years
Piedmont Derrick Simpson 4 Years
Gadsden Debra Rackley 4 Years
NC Family Services Argelia Moya 4 Years
Pinellas Brenda Young 4 Years
Savannah River Jeanette Hopkins 4 Years
Y.E.S. Willie Queen, Jr. 4 Years
Acadiana Janae Allen 4 Years
Sandoval Oscar Sandoval 4 Years
White Pines Curlee Gory 4 Years
Spacecoast Rita Green 4 Years
Clay County Robin Henson 4 Years
Beaufort Derrick Webb, Jr. 4 Years
Miami Dade (North) Jerri Walker 4 Years
Beaufort Salethia Watson 4 Years
Tampa Jesus Verdejo Santana 4 Years
Spacecoast Melrick Davis 4 Years
Acadiana James Jolivette 4 Years
Beaufort Shantyre Quaterman 4 Years
Tampa Erin Seasholtz 4 Years
Spacecoast Roger Dixon 4 Years
Orlando Lauriel Galloway 4 Years
AMIkids Boatyard Jordan Carroll 4 Years
Bennettsville Velma Bond 4 Years
Pensacola David Durham 4 Years
Acadiana Eric Jolivette 4 Years
Acadiana Gloria Kidd 4 Years
Southwest Florida Mitchell Macey 3 Years
Rio Grande Valley Juan Luna 3 Years
Y.E.S. Nathaniel Levy 3 Years
Y.E.S. Musaab Al Ani 3 Years
Home Office Kent Rinehart 3 Years
Y.E.S. Veronica Williams 3 Years
Bennettsville Kendall Pouncy 3 Years
Gainesville Tommy Alvin 3 Years
Georgetown Sassiree Miles 3 Years
Y.E.S. Dennis Hall 3 Years
Infinity Wake County Rufus Moyer 3 Years
Miami Dade (North) Patrick Francis 3 Years
NC Family Services Zareen Kapadia 3 Years
Tampa Dandre Pennamon Muhammad 3 Years
Spacecoast Trish Boynton 3 Years
Acadiana Christopher Duhon 3 Years
NC Family Services Jennifer Bartel 3 Years
White Pines Vidal Jones 3 Years
Orlando Edward Herman, Jr. 3 Years
Sand Hills Judie Thomas 3 Years
Behavioral Health Fumi Takashina 3 Years
Beaufort Jodi Wanderman 3 Years
Greater Fort Lauderdale Kamari Pasley 3 Years
White Pines Dale Mobley 3 Years
Home Office Denise Kay 3 Years
Spacecoast Kenneth Holley, Jr. 3 Years
White Pines Lennie Rogess 3 Years
NC Family Services Clint Williams 3 Years
Volusia Timothy Lennear Jr. 3 Years
Home Office George Cannon, III 3 Years
Spacecoast Lequitta Shorter 3 Years
Acadiana Shedrick Livings 3 Years
White Pines Jannie Moore 3 Years
Caddo Carolyn Edwards Baker 3 Years
Jacksonville Derrick Westbrook 3 Years
Caddo Gwendolyn Hamilton 3 Years
Caddo Niakia Channell 3 Years
Caddo Tamika Aldridge 3 Years
Sand Hills Robert Pearson 3 Years
NC Family Services Elizabeth Waters 3 Years
Manatee County Gayla Tynes Jones 3 Years
Infinity Wake County LaKendra Dozier 3 Years
Spacecoast Stephanie DeForest 3 Years
Sandoval Dakota Tennison 3 Years
Y.E.S. Michael Penix 3 Years
Manatee County Tara Pryce 3 Years
Miami Dade (South) Clansci Strong 3 Years
Miami Dade (North) Jonathan Morejon 3 Years
Caddo Thelma Richardson 3 Years
Escambia Boys Base Kenneth Leonard 3 Years
Y.E.S. Timothy Newman 3 Years
Home Office Chad Cadwell 3 Years
Miami Dade (North) Emanuel Mitchell 3 Years
Bennettsville Eddie Gore 3 Years
Jacksonville Joshua McNair, Sr. 3 Years
Spacecoast Michael Butcher 3 Years
Tampa Ricky Tyson 3 Years
Home Office Jeanette Flynn 3 Years
Beaufort Virgil Fripp 3 Years
Y.E.S. Nikisha Clouden 3 Years
White Pines Nancy Kennington 3 Years
Y.E.S. Courtney Simon 3 Years
Y.E.S. Erline Exume 3 Years
NC Family Services Jugena Watson 3 Years
Bennettsville Pamela Youngfellow 3 Years
Acadiana LaJuan Milstead 3 Years
Caddo Terrence Jefferson 3 Years
AMIkids Virginia, Inc. Christie Beaulieu 3 Years
Caddo Eric Tramiel 3 Years
White Pines Krystal Geter 3 Years
AMIkids Virginia, Inc. Ernest Madison, Jr. 3 Years
Home Office Joseph Gallina 3 Years
Spacecoast Cottrell Jiles 3 Years
Home Office Suzan Rohn 3 Years
Pensacola David Henderson 3 Years
Clay County Archie Harrison, Jr. 2 Years
Orlando James Harvey 2 Years
Orlando Roderick Jackson 2 Years
Gainesville Vivian Rosas Lee 2 Years
Behavioral Health Kelly McDearman 2 Years
Volusia Elizabeth Bowne 2 Years
Orlando Adalyn Hazelman Jaquez 2 Years
Home Office David Acree 2 Years
Clay County Deborah Bowman 2 Years
Caddo Umeika Coleman 2 Years
Beaufort Mike Gideon 2 Years
Escambia Boys Base Sean Parker 2 Years
Clay County Martin Carter 2 Years
AMIkids Virginia, Inc. Michael Williams 2 Years
Miami Dade (South) Donald Summeralls, Jr. 2 Years
Clay County Delwark Brown 2 Years
Sand Hills Antwane Wilson 2 Years
Caddo Vannie Thompson 2 Years
Greater Fort Lauderdale Madison Brody 2 Years
Rio Grande Valley Derik Hernandez 2 Years
Home Office Maria Porto-Duarte 2 Years
Clay County Mary Hardwick 2 Years
NC Family Services Alicia O'Leary 2 Years
AMIkids Virginia, Inc. Betty Dixon 2 Years
Caddo Lamarus Harris 2 Years
Home Office Brandie Holjes 2 Years
Home Office Mario Lopez 2 Years
Home Office Sawida Hollist 2 Years
White Pines LaJuan Payne 2 Years
White Pines Naran Miller 2 Years
Bennettsville Debra Joyner 2 Years
Pinellas Paula Evens 2 Years
Infinity Marlboro Alexa Sanders 2 Years
Beaufort Jay Marshall 2 Years
Behavioral Health Celia Harrilal 2 Years
Home Office Joyelle Richards 2 Years
Y.E.S. Charlie Whitehead, Jr. 2 Years
Georgetown Dawayne Richardson 2 Years
Piedmont Sharon Shafer 2 Years
Acadiana James Baloney Jr. 2 Years
Pinellas Vonchinna Woodard 2 Years
NC Family Services Ryan Papciak 2 Years
Spacecoast Carl Hatch 2 Years
Savannah River Betrice Taylor 2 Years
Savannah River Anna Herrington 2 Years
Acadiana Sylvia Sylvester 2 Years
Family Services Maurice Davis 2 Years
Beaufort Johnnie Millen 2 Years
Home Office Mary Gladden 2 Years
Infinity Wake County William Sanders, III 2 Years
Behavioral Health Williesha Livingston 2 Years
Sandoval Serina Chiquito 2 Years
Alabama Family Services Tierra Cash 2 Years
Caddo Carol Seymour 2 Years
Jacksonville Katrina Albertie 2 Years
Clay County Gail Goldberg 2 Years
Miami Dade (North) Khiyandra McCallam 2 Years
Beaufort Shawn Gantt 2 Years
Georgetown Arlene Wigfall 2 Years
Caddo Jessica Vance 2 Years
Family Services Yvonne Washington 2 Years
Sand Hills Yasmin Walls 2 Years
Home Office Lizzette Villegas 2 Years
Acadiana Larry George, Jr. 2 Years
Jacksonville Miozothys Bello 2 Years
Miami Dade (North) Shagaria Meeks 2 Years
Clay County Ryan Taite 2 Years
Sand Hills Sarah Fludd 2 Years
Gadsden Marsha Fitzgerald 2 Years
White Pines Lillie Hazel 2 Years
Escambia Boys Base Jason Kohlenberg 2 Years
Spacecoast Shannon Franklin 2 Years
Sand Hills Maricia Hall 2 Years
Infinity Marlboro Phillip Bethea 2 Years
Y.E.S. Brian Avant 2 Years
White Pines Katherine Studyvance 2 Years
Clay County Scott Beebe 2 Years
White Pines James Hill 2 Years
Miami Dade (South) Claudi Batista 2 Years
Pensacola Sheryl Levitt 2 Years
Spacecoast Bryan Brown 2 Years
Georgetown Nathaniel Goings, Jr. 2 Years
Greater Fort Lauderdale Gerard Smith 2 Years
Escambia Boys Base Shameka King 2 Years
Acadiana Kameron Kidd 2 Years
Beaufort Alexander Barry 2 Years
White Pines Sanford Beason, II 2 Years
Spacecoast Robert Hipple 2 Years
Y.E.S. Gerald Frasier 2 Years
Beaufort Althea Watson 2 Years
NC Family Services Rosaura Oatis 1 Year
Pinellas Jarvis West 1 Year
Manatee County Robert Powell 1 Year
Georgetown Sandra Johnson 1 Year
White Pines Arnecia Nebo 1 Year
Y.E.S. David Mansfield 1 Year
Y.E.S. Webster Pierre 1 Year
Acadiana Shaniqua Crosley 1 Year
PCMI Courtney Mallory 1 Year
Piedmont Darlene Bartee 1 Year
Home Office Richard Strehl, Jr. 1 Year
Greater Fort Lauderdale Elizabeth Rodriquez 1 Year
Baton Rouge Steven Lane 1 Year
Home Office Victoria Cutrone 1 Year
Home Office Donna Reed 1 Year
Home Office Brenda Franco 1 Year
White Pines Ernest Browning 1 Year
Acadiana Jonea Savoie 1 Year
Miami Dade (South) Nathaly Zepeda 1 Year
Y.E.S. Randall Terry 1 Year
Escambia Boys Base Paula Demonbreun 1 Year
Beaufort Lillian Lawrence 1 Year
Pinellas Pacherrah Faulkner 1 Year
PCMI Thresha King 1 Year
PCMI William Hess 1 Year
PCMI Kimberly Nichols 1 Year
Acadiana Wolona Bruno 1 Year
Acadiana Crystal Williams 1 Year
Bennettsville Lindell Stevenson 1 Year
Baton Rouge Kiana Hamilton 1 Year
Acadiana Logan Madar 1 Year
Sand Hills Barrett Hollimon 1 Year
Baton Rouge Lizzie Scroggins 1 Year
White Pines Michele Ruff 1 Year
Sandoval Lou Toledo 1 Year
Rio Grande Valley Magaly Saldana 1 Year
Bennettsville Yamica Hayes 1 Year
Savannah River Phyllis Adams 1 Year
AMIkids Boatyard Jorge Mahauad Wittmer 1 Year
Bennettsville Shalanda Livingston 1 Year
Greater Fort Lauderdale Jesse McCrary 1 Year
Acadiana Christopher Williams, Jr. 1 Year
Beaufort William Gibbons 1 Year
Y.E.S. Yesenia Felix 1 Year
Escambia Boys Base Mandy Millsap 1 Year
Escambia Boys Base Patrick Beauford 1 Year
NC Family Services Lindsey Lowtharpe 1 Year
Manatee County Johny Altine 1 Year
Home Office Osmel Fermin, Jr. 1 Year
Y.E.S. Jean-Tony Saint-Fleur 1 Year
Escambia Boys Base Ruth Furnier 1 Year
Piedmont Tasha Smith 1 Year
Manatee County Carolyn McBean 1 Year
Savannah River Diane Lewis 1 Year
Clay County Larry Lindfield 1 Year
Acadiana JaQwaylon Davenport 1 Year
Manatee County Aram Wheatley 1 Year
Manatee County Ellen Webb 1 Year
Caddo Alvin Wallace 1 Year
Caddo Annie Washington 1 Year
Caddo Brian Jackson 1 Year
Caddo Erica Bruno 1 Year
Caddo Kimberly White 1 Year
Caddo Nicole Sweet 1 Year
PCMI Tony Thompson 1 Year
Caddo Alexia Washington 1 Year
Savannah River Barry Kirkland 1 Year
Escambia Boys Base Alexis Hicks 1 Year
Georgetown Felecia Huggins 1 Year
Caddo McKeever Moham 1 Year
Escambia Boys Base Ervin Swails 1 Year
Miami Dade (South) Joel Real Mejias 1 Year
Home Office Brandon Mosby 1 Year
Home Office Dawn Mitchell 1 Year
Jacksonville Michelle Willis-Blackman 1 Year
Bennettsville Rhonda Johnson 1 Year
Tampa Russell Porter 1 Year
Piedmont Quamaine Burton 1 Year
Sand Hills Wendy Ray 1 Year
Bennettsville Tonya Green 1 Year
Tampa Brandon Robinson 1 Year
Greater Fort Lauderdale Debra Simpson 1 Year
Sand Hills Margaret Sanders 1 Year
Miami Dade (North) Adam Fisher 1 Year
Gainesville Jonathan DeTouche, Jr. 1 Year
Acadiana Delontra Fields, Jr. 1 Year
Caddo Dustin Dawson 1 Year
Georgetown Daisy McCullough 1 Year
Georgetown Jessica Barr 1 Year
Georgetown Wallace Hurrell, Jr. 1 Year
Spacecoast Rhodney William, Jr. 1 Year
Miami Dade (South) Sharlene Michel 1 Year
Bennettsville Kaysee Ashwood, Jr. 1 Year
White Pines Phyllis Ledbetter 1 Year
Sandoval Myra Martinez 1 Year
NC Family Services Nicole Wagoner 1 Year
Infinity Marlboro Dominiqua McCoy 1 Year
Sand Hills Earlene Williams 1 Year
Clay County Emily Stone 1 Year
Family Services Saisha LeShoure 1 Year
Y.E.S. Dawn Cummins 1 Year
White Pines Kadine Reid 1 Year
Escambia Boys Base Dakota Banks 1 Year
Spacecoast Reynald Wright, Jr. 1 Year
Piedmont Ariana Rivas 1 Year
Piedmont Tylisha Wright 1 Year
Caddo Chandra Stephens 1 Year
Piedmont Derrick Pearson 1 Year
Infinity Wake County Terrance Thornton 1 Year
Home Office Angela Gayle 1 Year
Sandoval Adam Braxton 1 Year
Sand Hills Victoria Cousar 1 Year
Pinellas Dontae Thomas 1 Year
Rio Grande Valley Jose Gonzalez, Jr. 1 Year
Escambia Boys Base Jean Casimir 1 Year
Georgetown Nathaniel Goings, III 1 Year
Miami Dade (South) Contessa Bryan 1 Year
Bennettsville Toni Parrish 1 Year
Spacecoast Mark Jepson 1 Year




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