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Thank you for your service to AMIkids - The Family Beacon - November 2020 - February 2021

Mar 30, 2021

Cheers to the AMIkids staff celebrating their anniversary as a member of the AMIkids Family:
November 2020 through 2021!!

30+ Years with AMIkids!

Panama City Ronald Boyce 32 Years

20+ Years with AMIkids!

Caddo Jamile Emile 28 Years
Piedmont Tomika Allen 21 Years
AMIkids Home Office Maria Greico 29 Years
Greater Ft Lauderdale Michael Moistner 23 Years
AMIkids Boatyard Robert Dupuy 21 Years
AMIkids Home Office Angee Hastings 28 Years
AMIkids Home Office Richard Hilton 23 Years
Rio Grande Javier Ibarra 22 Years
Family Services Deletha Kelsey 24 Years
Space Coast Michel Descoteaux 24 Years

10+ Years with AMIkids!

Space Coast Calvin Roper 17 Years
Gateways Rickie Hardy 16 Years
White Pines Valerie Green 14 Years
YES Miguel Ramos 14 Years
White Pines Patty Boyd 12 Years
Panama City Billy Morris 11 Years
Infinity Marlboro Debra Lloyd 11 Years
Miami Dade North Abraham Ruiz 10 Years
Clay County Charles Benda 19 Years
Space Coast Allen Broomfield 13 Years
AMIkids Home Office Robert Waters 13 Years
Beaufort Joanne Peifer 11 Years
Jacksonville Stephanie Obrien-gadd 16 Years
Panama City Darla Vaudrin 14 Years
Sandoval Kelvin Jeter 13 Years
Rio Grande Deborah Copeland 13 Years
Baton Rouge Diaquire Thomas 13 Years
Clay County Maria Przybylski 19 Years
AMIkids Home Office Stanley Frye 15 Years
AMIkids Home Office Renita English 10 Years

5+ Years with AMIkids!

AMIkids Home Office DeCarlo McKenzie 6 Years
AMIkids Home Office Marie Haskins 6 Years
Beaufort Derrick Webb 5 Years
Miami Dade North Jerri Walker 5 Years
Space Coast Melrick Davis 5 Years
Tampa Jesus Verdejo 5 Years
Space Coast Roger Dixon 5 Years
Acadiana James Jolivette 5 Years
Tampa Erin Seasholtz 5 Years
Bennettsville Velma Bond 5 Years
Miami Dade North Anthony Gaines 7 Years
Orlando Anthony Ervin 7 Years
AMIkids Home Office Fredrickson Saint-Louis 7 Years
Baton Rouge Lolita Jones 6 Years
Pensacola David Durham 5 Years
Georgetown Michelle Mcbride 5 Years
Acadiana Eric Jolivette 5 Years
Sand Hills Terrance Ray 5 Years
Acadiana Gloria Kidd 5 Years
NC Family Services Nash Love 8 Years
Sandoval Maggie Chiquito 8 Years
Pensacola Cheri Williams 7 Years
AMIkids Home Office Katrina Cox 6 Years
Tampa Deborah Yandila 6 Years
Behavioral Health Therese Hartwell 6 Years
Rio Grande Juan Luna 5 Years
YES Musaab Al 5 Years
Georgetown Erik Wright 8 Years
Tampa Carlos Valdes 7 Years
YES Darby Saint-louis 7 Years
AMIkids Home Office Kent Rinehart 5 Years
YES Veronica Williams 5 Years

Under 5 Years with AMIkids!

NC Family Services Jugena Watson 4 Years
Bennettsville Pamela Youngfellow 4 Years
Acadiana Lajuan Milstead 4 Years
Caddo Terrence Jefferson 4 Years
AMIkids Virginia Inc Christie Runski 4 Years
Space Coast Bryan Brown 3 Years
Greater Ft Lauderdale Gerard Smith 3 Years
Duval Shameka King 3 Years
Acadiana Kameron Kidd 3 Years
YES Dawn Cummins 2 Years
Escambia Boys Base Dakota Banks 2 Years
Piedmont Ariana Rivas 2 Years
Piedmont Tylisha Wright 2 Years
Piedmont Derrick Pearson 2 Years
Duval Brittany Dawson 1 Year
Sand Hills Braber Spell 1 Year
White Pines Sheldon Jarrett 1 Year
Gainesville Lynnetta Bryant 1 Year
Caddo Justin Lacy 1 Year
Caddo Cedric Lott 1 Year
White Pines Robert Cheeks 1 Year
Caddo Eric Tramiel 4 Years
White Pines Krystal Geter 4 Years
AMIkids Virginia Inc Ernest Madison 4 Years
AMIkids Home Office Joseph Gallina 4 Years
Space Coast Kevin Collins 4 Years
AMIkids Home Office Suzan Rohn 4 Years
Pensacola David Henderson 4 Years
YES Gerald Frasier 3 Years
Beaufort Althea Jenkins 3 Years
AMIkids Home Office Angela Gayle 2 Years
Sandoval Adam Braxton 2 Years
Rio Grande Jose Gonzalez 2 Years
Rio Grande Jeanie Sepulveda 2 Years
Escambia Boys Base Jean Casimir 2 Years
Miami Dade South Contessa Bryan 2 Years
Space Coast Mark Jepson 2 Years
Gainesville Jonathan Detouche 2 Years
Gadsden Precious Baker 1 Year
Duval Johniece Johnson 1 Year
Piedmont Virgina Dillard 1 Year
Behavioral Health Teresa Punzi 1 Year
Tampa Michael Paukovich 1 Year
Sandoval Edmond Morgan 1 Year
Georgetown Brian Boston 1 Year
White Pines Michael Irby 1 Year
Caddo Rhonda Gadson 1 Year
Infinity Marlboro Raven Fennell 1 Year
Greater Ft Lauderdale Claude Fore 1 Year
Greater Ft Lauderdale Miguel Mowatt 1 Year
Savannah River Kenya Smith 1 Year
Sand Hills Jeffrey Calhoun 1 Year
Clay County Archie Harrison 4 Years
Orlando James Harvey 4 Years
Space Coast Roderick Jackson 4 Years
Volusia Elizabeth Bowne 4 Years
AMIkids Home Office David Acree 4 Years
Caddo Umekia Coleman 4 Years
Clay County Deborah Bowman 4 Years
Beaufort Mike Gideon 4 Years
NC Family Services Rosaura Oatis 3 Years
Manatee Katie Orlando 3 Years
Manatee Robert Powell 3 Years
Georgetown Sandra Johnson 3 Years
Acadiana Shaniqua Crosley 3 Years
Tampa Delphine Garside 2 Years
YES Vernon Pryer 2 Years
Savannah River Shirley Williams 2 Years
YES Katherine Howes 2 Years
Rio Grande Jose Rodriguez 2 Years
Baton Rouge Kimberly Williamson 1 Year
NC Family Services Breonna Wilson 1 Year
Infinity Marlboro Sheena Wiiliams 1 Year
YES Steven Pam 1 Year
AMIkids Home Office Joyce Grimaldo 1 Year
White Pines Zyquan Henderson 1 Year
Acadiana Francisca Gobert 1 Year
AMIkids Home Office Khaim Cousineau 1 Year
Duval Martin Carter 4 Years
Sandoval Kymberlie Martin 4 Years
AMIkids Virginia Inc Michael Williams 4 Years
AMIkids Home Office Victoria Cutrone 3 Years
AMIkids Home Office Donna Reed 3 Years
AMIkids Home Office Brenda Franco 3 Years
White Pines Ernest Browning 3 Years
Miami Dade South Craytonya Sanders 3 Years
Acadiana Jonea Savoie 3 Years
Miami Dade South Nathaly Zepeda 3 Years
YES Randall Terry 3 Years
Escambia Boys Base Paula Demonbreun 3 Years
Piedmont Linda Conway 2 Years
YES Ebenezer Odei 2 Years
Beaufort Robert Schmitt 2 Years
Manatee Patrick McNeil 2 Years
Georgetown Melanie Lewis 2 Years
NC Family Services Brittne Brooks 2 Years
AMIkids Home Office Joyce Rolle 2 Years
AMIkids Home Office Ingrid Canaveral 1 Year
Manatee Elton Scott 1 Year
NC Family Services Juchia Lopez 1 Year
Escambia Boys Base Daniel Baidoo 1 Year
Jacksonville Brooklynn Snyder 1 Year
Caddo Hali Edwards 1 Year
Southwest FL Rasheka Fuller 1 Year
Acadiana Shakeir Ryan 1 Year
Beaufort Rickel Fullwood 1 Year
YES Rachel Espinosa 1 Year
AMIkids Home Office Debra Elliott 1 Year
NC Family Services Delmarva Smith 1 Year

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