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AMIkids Asked and They Answered

Nov 05, 2015

Our staff and board members are often asked how people can help and get more involved with AMIkids. There are four great ways that people can make a positive impact on our kids, along with some inspiring stories about some people that are already making an incredible difference.


Making a donation to AMIkids makes it possible for us to provide the opportunity for young people to discover their potential. This time of year, as many consider donations for holiday giving, our AMIkids staff and board members set an example by personally giving a contribution over and above the care that they provide to our kids every day.

Within days of the Holiday Giving Drive launching, AMIkids Savannah River was among the programs that had 100% participation with every member of their staff giving what they could. “We believe that if you are going to work here, you should believe in what AMIkids does,” said Matthew Kingdom, acting Executive Director. "Our employees recognize that if we each contribute a little, we’ll have big results for our kids."

If you would like to participate in this drive, CLICK HERE and give to your favorite AMIkids program.


The positive impact AMIkids makes on our kids and our communities needs to be conveyed to legislators, elected officials and community leaders so that our current programs are sustained and new programs can be funded. Recently Tom Arcineaux, a long-time AMIkids advocate and Board Member, demonstrated the power of the pen when he wrote an article for The Shreveport Times.

His words beautifully and passionately expressed both his love for the organization, as well as why AMIkids is so vital to Louisiana communities. "AMIkids is blind to color and gender,” said Tom. “I have never been affiliated with an organization so diverse that one simply doesn’t notice color and gender differences. We are all just people dedicated to help young people separate a troubled past from a bright future."

CLICK HERE to read Tom’s full article.


There are so many rewarding ways that someone can give of their time to AMIkids and all of them are so appreciated by our programs. Recently AMIkids Gainesville learned that they would be benefitting from many helping hands - Gator hands to be precise.

The University of Florida’s Black Student Union decided to adopt their AMIkids program for their service project for the school year. "We are excited for this partnership," said a representative from the Student Union. "We hope to make strides together in the Gainesville community."

To volunteer at your local program, CLICK HERE.


In our last issue of AMIkids News we highlighted Youri, a student in AMIkids Miami-Dade that was selected to be a United Way spokesperson. (CLICK HERE to read that story.)

Since that time, Youri has graduated and he – along with fellow Miami-Dade graduate Tiffany – have received fantastic jobs at Inktel, a global business services and marketing company in Miami Lakes. Youri and Tiffany are setting an example to all of our kids that their hard work at AMIkids will translate into real-world success.

By hiring our kids, you can make a difference by providing the opportunity for our kids to use the skills they have developed and help them to grow their careers. CLICK HERE to hire tomorrow’s leaders.

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