The O.B. & Linda Stander Legacy Fund


When you think of what legacy means, you have to consider the accomplishments, beliefs, actions and guidance a person has demonstrated in his/her life that leaves a pathway for others to follow.  It could be how someone demonstrates the value of family or how one remains true to their word.  It includes the discipline one displays in everyday life.  Our honorees, O. B.  and Linda Stander have focused their lives and energy on making AMIkids a beacon of hope for kids in the bleakest of situations with limited opportunities to accomplish great things in their lives. 

Over the years, O. B. developed a network of funders and supporters who are passionate about our mission, expanding the AMIkids Family, and bringing us this far. He has mentored and prepared the leaders assembled in this room to carry the torch forward in their local communities and unite the programs in working towards a common vision.  Linda has stood by his side for the whole ride.  Not only are they parents of three adult children, but are now proud grandparents and parents to their son and daughters-in-law.   AMIkids   has impacted countless lives over the years, and it always comes back to putting kids and families first.

As O. B. closes out his 41 year career with AMIkids, I ask that you join me in continuing the legacy that he and Linda have created by contributing to the O. B. and Linda Stander Legacy Fund.  Your contribution helps ensure that current and future generations of kids and families that need AMIkids’ resources will be able to turn to us for support.  I hope you agree and will join me in honoring 41 years of commitment, by contributing to the next 41 and beyond through your contribution.

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Since our founding in 1969, AMIkids has served more than 135,000 youth