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Jun 23, 2017
Special Guest and Partners Collage

Special Guests & Awesome Partners

AMIkids Gadsden's Chef Shac wins Chopped! – Chef Shac, has been teaching students the nuances of making amazing cuisine. Last week she schooled the competition on Chopped as she handily walked away with the victory on Food Network. Congrats Chef! Check out more
Miami Dolphins team up with AMIkids Greater Fort Lauderdale -   The entire Miami Dolphins rookie class came out to visit AMIkids Greater Fort Lauderdale and helped to rebuild the program. Sports Talk Florida did a piece about the visit and also made a video. Check it out
Pure Barre Fun – Pure Barre (St. Petersburg FL) is contributing donations made at Barre class to AMIkids YES Carpentry program. Patrons of St. Pete and AMIkids staff joined in to help out YES and learn some cool barre moves. Check out Enrique's video  on Facebook. #raisethebarre #barreclass
Mayor George Vallejo Graduation Guest Speaker – Mayor Vallejo joined AMIkids Miami - Dade North to celebrate the students' graduation. Mayor Vallejo spoke as special guest key note speaker and gave the kids an inspiring graduation speech.

AMIkids Vocational Newsletter Accomplishments

Milestones & New Achievements

Taking the show on the road – It’s official: The AMIkids Culinary Program Food Trailer is finally here! The trailer was provided through a grant by the South Carolina Department of Public Safety. Led by DeShawn Mason, AMIkids Culinary Career Manager, the trailer will travel around the state of South Carolina for the next several months, providing high-quality food and help support our programs as they continue to improve the lives of our youth.
1st ever "Stir Fry Challenge" hosted by our partner, Canteen – Thanks to support from our new partner, Canteen, this year’s Summer Challenge Event featured the first ever “Stir Fry Challenge!" AMIkids vocational students from various programs demonstrated their culinary skills as they competed in a Chopped-like challenge. Using the secret ingredient, bean sprout, the culinary students had to prepare their best stir fry dish for our special Canteen judges. It was an awesome and delicious experience for the kids and staff!
500 Jobs! - AMIkids has officially got over 500 job placements for students! In a little over 2 years we’ve been able to make significant changes in young people’s lives.

Showcasing AMIkids Vocational Education Showcasing Skills & Helping the Community

Vocation Demonstration at the Summer Challenge - This year’s Summer Challenge Event was full of competition, but there were also some great healthcare demonstrations, including  AMIkids Sand Hills demonstrating the appropriate way to administer an EKG test to a patient.
Off Campus Learning - Gadsden County EMS assisted AMIkids Gadsden with their healthcare knowledge by demonstrating the correct way to administer a triangular bandage to a patient. In Miami, Students from AMIkids Miami- Dade North participated in a rescue mission, and learned the various techniques firefighter use to save lives.
Helping the community –   AMIkids Miami - Dade North spread goodwill throughout their community by taking time to help feed the homeless of downtown Miami.
In another story, Jimmy, a student from AMIkids Pensacola flexed his Good Samaritan muscle by helping an elderly couple that lived next to him. The husband has advanced dementia and has a tendency to wander off from home. So, using his carpentry skills he learned through the AMIkids vocational program, the student started a project to build a gate for the couple to help keep the older gentleman from leaving the porch. The couple was extremely grateful, and we’re extremely proud!
Graduations! – AMIkids Greater Fort Lauderdale celebrated the high school graduation of 6 of their students who were also enrolled in the vocational program.

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