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What We Did this Summer Vocation

Aug 08, 2017
AMIkids Moves

Fun for Summer

Summer Jobs – We are continuing to get employment for our students. Over the summer we’ve attained jobs for over 100 students. Let’s keep pushing and getting our kids work! 
2017 Dive Challenge -  We had our annual Dive Challenge a couple weeks ago. It was a great time for all the students who participated. They were able to have a rare experience that very few people can say they’ve partaken in. Check out the Dive Challenge article.
Education Conference – This past month, AMIkids held its annual Education Conference to continue strengthening best practices for our kids. Leadership and staff from all programs joined together to share ideas and discuss educational goals. Thank you to our hard working educators, for pushing the envelope and continuing to find the best ways to service our youth!
PureFlix AMIkids Partnership – AMIkids has been chosen for a cause partnership with PureFlix, a Christian-based film studio. This means AMIkids will be featured prominently on PureFlix’s website, blogs, and other marketing materials. This partnership introduces AMIkids to more than 40 million monthly users, as their service also streams on all smart devices/TVs. Take a second and visit and check us out.

AMIkids Mentor Partnership Tours

 Tours "R" Us

Orlando College Tours – Students from AMIkids Orlando went on a plethora of college tours. They got to check out the collegiate grounds of University of Florida, the creative learning environments of Full Sail University, and the cool nautical rides at Regal Marine Inc boat manufacturer.
Canteen Shows YES The Ropes – Canteen continued its ongoing support by allowing youth from AMIkids YES the opportunity to tour its Tampa facility. Students learned about warehouse operations and even got to meet some of the staff who make it all happen. A lunch was provided after the tour and job opportunities were discussed among future graduates. This has been a great partnership!
Manatee Big Tour - Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Sun Coast are partnering with AMIkids Manatee to provide mentorship for our Manatee students. This past month, mentors and reps from Big Brother and Big Sister of Sun Coast toured the Manatee facility and met with the kids. Everybody was super excited to move forward and continue the positive nurturing of our kids. 

AMIkids Mentoring Partnering HealthcareMore Awesome Accomplishments

Tech Mentors For YES- AMIkids YES students visited the Tampa Microsoft office to participate in a mentorship workshop with Soft Choice Cares. The employees of Soft Choice paired with the YES students to show each student how to create their own website. It was an awesome experience for both parties, and they all look forward to continuing the relationship. 
Partnerships Lead To Donations At White Pines - Through a developing partnership between AMIKids White Pines and the Upstate Family Resource Center of Boiling Springs, clothing was donated for the Student Success Closet. Vocational students now have an additional 6 suits, 20 pairs of pants, and 2 pairs of shoes to choose from when preparing to ace a job interview.
Healthcare Follow Up on Our First Healthcare Job at Bennettsville –   Do you remember our first healthcare hire? Well we’ve received an update, and he’s doing an awesome job. He’s working at Bishopville Assistant living and the residents love him!

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