Job Placement Program

Certified Job Ready Talent

We Make Finding Talent Easy

Not only do our vocational students receive training and nationally recognized certifications but we also offer the following services to assure mutual success for employers and students.

  • Talent Development and Retention Services: Ensure employees grow within your organization and stay longer.
  • Job Recruiter: Get a dedicated Job Recruiter to streamline the interview process
  • Host a recruiting event on our campus: Meet one-on-one to interview students for internship and full-time employment opportunities.
  • Portfolio reviews: Work with students as they prepare a professional portfolio to enter the creative marketplace.
  • Employer information sessions: Come to campus to present to students giving them insight into the creative opportunities with your company.
  • Internship Program: Work in partnership with AMIkids to produce the talent you need while simultaneously promoting your organization locally and nationally.
  • Sponsored Projects: Many companies and organizations sponsor classroom projects giving AMIkids students exposure to specific skills and training. 
  • Post job openings: List your openings and view student/alumni portfolio samples and resumes.

Benefits For Employers

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We streamline the recruitment and interview process so you spend less money on job advertising and reduce your overall hiring costs. Allowing you to save money and time.

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We make a yearlong commitment to your success. We track hiring and retention effectiveness and facilitate ongoing employer and employee engagement. 

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Our innovative model offers your company a competitive advantage, by identifying the human capital you need and bridging the divide between the skill gap and 21st Century jobs.

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We help you customize your hiring process and lower your interview-to-hire ratio by pre-screening talent and providing empowerment and power skills training to help prospects develop into long-term employees.

Partners who work with us

Career Source
Miami Open 2

More Partners

Burger King
Bayou Joe’s
USA Flea Market
Pizza Hut

Miami Children Initiative
Croce Production
Santa’s Enchanted Forest
Dairy Queen
Winn Dixie
Milam’s Market
Vector Corporation
Five Guys

For More Information, Contact: 

Jessica Hurley

Director of Partnership Development
(813) 352-2481