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AMIkids Pinellas Center for Personal Growth Students Working on an Urban Garden

Jul 01, 2015

As part of its Experiential Education curriculum, which allows our students to experience learning opportunities and life skills outside of the classroom, our Center for Personal Growth kids at AMIkids Pinellas have been building an urban garden.

Science teacher, Mr. McCormick, and 8th grader Arrion were working hard on the garden earlier this week. 


"I really enjoy the hands-on aspect of the EEC program and appreciates working outside of the classroom," said Arrion. "I’m excited to see the plan come together and hopefully the plants will produce some good tomatoes and peppers. “This is something I can use for the rest of my life.”

6th Grader Jamar also helped tend the garden and is excited to see that just after a few weeks the reward of his hard work, and is even more excited about his experience at the Center for Personal Growth at AMIkids Pinellas. 

"My science grades have improved since coming to AMI-CFPG,” said Jamar. "If regular school was like this I would have had much better’s just more fun to learn like this.”


After the first Experiential Education Curriculum project, the students are excited for more hands-on learning.