AMIkids Sandoval

Helping boys discover their potential since 2011.

Our Story

AMIkids Sandoval

Since 2011, AMIkids Sandoval has been dedicated to helping kids discover the potential within them; transforming their lives and strengthening our communities. Located in Cuba, New Mexico, AMIkids Sandoval serves kids involved in Federal Juvenile Probation, primarily Native American youth from various tribes and pueblos, Hispanic youth, some of which are residents of Mexico, and sometimes youth of military families.

Even kids with a troubled past have the potential to achieve a bright future, and AMIkids Sandoval works empowers our kids through care and guidance to reach that potential and, as a result, break the cycle of failure and poverty.

AMIkids Sandoval kids participating in the Fiesta Dance

With your support, we can change the lives of our community's kids and impact generations to come.