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Prison Rape Elimination Act

The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) is a federal law that is focused specifically on addressing sexual violence in juvenile facilities, jails, prison, lockups and other facilities. PREA sets a standard that protects the Eighth Amendment right (constitutional right prohibiting cruel or unusual punishment) of federal, state and local youth offenders. AMIkids YES has a zero tolerance policy toward all forms of sexual abuse and sexual harassment. The goal of the law and the agency’s Zero tolerance policy is to prevent, detect and respond to such conduct. All youth have the right to protection and to be free from sexual abuse and sexual harassment. A youth may report sexual abuse or sexual harassment to administration, program staff mental health professionals, probation officers or any person the youth trusts to make a report of abuse. All reports shall be referred for investigation according to PREA standards. There will be no retaliation for reporting any legitimate incidents of sexual abuse or sexual harassment. If you suspect sexual abuse or sexual harassment at AMIkids YES, you may call the Director at 813-671-5213 or you may contact Hillsborough County Sheriff Department 813-247-8200, Florida Juvenile Justice Incident Hotline at 1-800-355-2280, Florida DCF Abuse Hotline at 1-800-962-2873.