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by Jorge Mahauad | Dec 05, 2018
We have just received this amazing 75’ 1995 McMullen Wing as a Yacht Donation; meet MAYA.

75’ 1995 McMullen Wing “Maya”

Thanks to Todd Rittenhouse at Northrop & Johnson and to Dudley SavageRoger Herd, Jordan Carroll, Kelly Collins, Bob Dupuy and Jorge A. Mahauad for facilitating this contribution for AMIkids.

MAYA will be available for lease with interest-free terms soon. The proceeds from her lease will empower at-risk youth to separate a troubled past from a bright future through the work of our #charity. 

Why Donate?

Vessel donation is a powerful and safe alternative for charitable yacht owners. The process is simple, convenient and expeditious. 

Every vessel contribution supports our mission to help at-risk youth separate a troubled past from a bright future. AMIkids is a nationally recognized nonprofit with a pristine track record of yacht donations for nearly 50 years.

Learn more about yacht donation or contact us and our team of experts will answer any questions.

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