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Welcome to our yacht donation program blog. This is a place to post inventory updates, tell stories about vessels contributed to AMIkids and celebrate deals, brokers and milestones. Enjoy!

Webinar: Using Yacht Donation in a Sellers Market

by Jorge Mahauad | Oct 05, 2020
St. Petersbug, FL

We enjoyed the privilege of having Jeff Stanley from Gilman Yachts of Fort Lauderdale join us for a webinar about Yacht Donation and How to use it in a Sellers Market. It was a fantastic conversation, and Jeff was magnificent and always on point. Enjoy a 20' edit of the audio stream with some visual aids to learn Jeff's expert advice.

About Jeff Stanley:

Jeff started his Yacht Brokerage career in 1980, soon after graduating college. Starting as a new boat dealer gave him a constant stream of leads that was able to propel him into mainstream brokerage sales, where he is still very active 40 years later. 

Since the year 2000, he has been at the helm of Gilman Yachts, where he maintains a collection of 25-30 listings at all times, concentrating in power yachts between 40 and 120 feet.  Jeff is also the number one individual broker in terms of the number of yacht donations for AMIkids. Since 2015, Jeff has facilitated a total of 6 contributions for our organization.

Why Donate?

Vessel donation is a powerful and safe alternative for charitable yacht owners. The process is simple, convenient and expeditious. 

Every vessel contribution supports our mission to help at-risk youth separate a troubled past from a bright future. AMIkids is a nationally recognized nonprofit with a pristine track record of yacht donations for nearly 50 years.

Learn more about yacht donation or contact us and our team of experts will answer any questions.

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