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AMIkids Inc., established in 1969, is a nonprofit organization providing services to ~5,000 vulnerable youth annually in 222 counties nationwide. AMIkids tailors programming individually for each youth, many of which have ended up in the juvenile justice system and headed down the wrong path.

Our Mission is to protect public safety and positively impact as many youths as possible through the efforts of a diverse and innovative staff. AMIkids works in partnership with youth agencies, local communities, families, and more than 1,000 mentors and volunteer board members.

The AMIkids Personal Growth Model®is a nationally-recognized program that reduces recidivism, facilitates educational gains, and cultivates an environment of achievement and improvement.

Making a Lasting Impact on Kids

AMIkids has served over 135,000 kids and their families since 1969. Being part of the AMIkids team means that you are helping youth to realize their full potential and become a valuable part of their community.

Members of the AMIkids Family have a passion for kids and want to shape future generations. They're fearless, ambitious and hungry for the next challenge. They're committed to exceeding expectations and poised to tackle each roadblock as it comes.

Sound like you? 

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Nationally Recognized

AMIkids has a number of national accreditations, state recognitions and local awards including 2015 Non-Profit of the Year.

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AMIkids continues to work to develop new ways to solve the problems our kids face. Whether encouraging a kid in the classroom or teaching them to SCUBA dive, AMIkids incentivizes youth to make good decisions, and gives them the tools to succeed.

Our AMIkids Personal Growth Model is nationally-recognized by the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration as an ‘evidence-based’ model for improving the academic achievement of at-risk students, and for reducing delinquent behavior. Our education component is so effective that it has been nationally recognized by AdvancED, the world’s largest education community. Pertaining to juvenile justice, AMIkids is one of only a few with National Education Accreditation.

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