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Marine Education Program


DSC02638In 1969, AMIkids started out as a group of  marine institutes in South Florida, providing vocational training in marine-related fields to at-risk youth. Subjects included boating, scuba diving and fishing, marine construction and mechanics, etc.

Over the years, funding sources and changes within the juvenile justice field challenged our ability to support the continuous growth of our Marine Education Program, but we remain committed to our roots.

AMIkids is currently embarking on an ambitious expansion of the Marine Education Program, to offer this experience to even more at-risk youth. This expansion consists of a 3-phased approach. First, a core curriculum will be developed in order to re-introduce basic marine elements throughout schools. Secondly, we will create multiple standalone modules to expand on the basics provided in the core program. Staff at each program will be trained as providers of the core curriculum. Phase 3 will develop the vocational training program through nationally-recognized  certifications to equip the at-risk youth we serve with the tools they need to enter the maritime workforce.


AMIkids is committed to funding the Marine Education Program expansion through partnerships withinthe outdoor adventure, maritime industry and other related partners in the private and public sectors.


We also hope individuals will be Champions for youth and help us reach our goals. Please consider giving today to help us re-introduce our Marine Education Program to the thousands of at-risk youth we serve every year.



Since our founding in 1969, AMIkids has served more than 135,000 youth