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AMIkids Unveils a Floating Classroom

Feb 26, 2016
By Jordan Carroll, AMIkids Boat Program

The AMIkids Boat Program announces plans for The Floating Classroom, an innovative tool that will continue to inspire youth in our programs to become more involved in the outdoors and become better stewards of the environment around them. "The Orlando’s Rose", a vessel designed to conduct marine education and research activities and donated by Bill and Carol Barrows, will provide the youth with a half day excursion working with our partner Mote Marine Laboratory to identify different organisms and collect specimen samples in the waterways around the greater Tampa area. The first floating classroom will take place in February and will continue each month for the remainder of the year.

AMIkids Floating Classroom

AMIkids Boat Program will also be kicking off a youth educational fishing project in Florida. Youth involved in this project will start the day off by learning from local experts about weather safety, tides, fishing conditions and how to tie particular knots. The second portion of this project will include hands on activities. These actives will consist of kids learning how to properly use a fishing rod and reel. They will also learn how to use a cast net and then they will be able to participate in a contest demonstrating what they learned in this segment. The third portion will include a snorkeling trip where the youth will be able to explore the local waters and marine life. The final portion of this project will be a guided fishing trip where the kids will be able to fish for some of the most sought after species in the state of Florida. The day will conclude with sending the kid’s home with gear that they may use in other locations encouraging them to put their skills to the test and pass their knowledge onto others around them. 

The AMIkids Boat Program looks forward to an exciting year ahead helping one individual at a time. Together anything is possible! 

AMIkids Floating Classroom
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