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Annual Presidential Dive Trip Concludes on a Positive Note

Jul 31, 2017

G0020300[1]Introducing youth to the underwater world is often something that has a positive impact and will remain with them for years to come. The annual AMIkids Presidential Dive trip does just that and allows students who have earned the opportunity to participate a chance to explore different animals, habitats and most importantly become open water certified by the completion of the week-long event.

 This year’s trip was a great success offering more than 50 youth and 40 staff three days of becoming more familiar with the Key Largo region and the pristine waters that are home to species of all shapes and sizes along with exotic plant life. Students were able to apply everything they learned in the classroom over the past few months and begin to truly understand how the deep blue environment functions. 

While the trip incorporated important marine components it also provided time for youth and staff from multiple programs a chance to interact with one another developing lifelong friendships. Through these newly formed friendships, students and staff were able to assist one another in different diving exercises and begin to understand that nothing could stop them as long as they applied themselves and encouraged one another to reach their full potential. GOPR0370[1]

The trip closed with an awards ceremony and dinner for the youth presenting them with their diving certifications and complimenting them on their hard work throughout the week. The annual dive trip may have come to a close but the lessons learned, the teamwork skills developed and the relationships formed are something that will carry on for quite some time.

We look forward to next year’s trip allowing more youth to partake in underwater activities ultimately inspiring them to follow their passion in life.


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