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Thank you for your service to AMIkids - The Family Beacon - January through April, 2020

May 04, 2020

Cheers to the AMIkids staff celebrating their anniversary as a member of the AMIkids Family January through April 2020!!

30+ Years with AMIkids!

Savannah River Wade Goss 33 years
AMIkids Home Office Michael Thornton 30 years

20+ Years with AMIkids!

AMIkids Home Office Cloria Moran 29 years
AMIkids Home Office Devon Simon 28 years
AMIkids Home Office Angee Hastings 27 years
Infinity Marlboro Darian Rembert 23 years
Spacecoast Michel Descoteaux 23 years
Family Services Deletha Kelsey 23 years
AMIkids Home Office Richard Hilton 22 years
Spacecoast Errol Denson 22 years
Rio Grande Valley Javier Ibarra 21 years

10+ Years with AMIkids!

Beaufort Jermaine Antley 19 years
Spacecoast Rose Leonhart 18 years
Clay County Maria Przybylski 18 years
Spacecoast Dean Christos 16 years
Jacksonville Stephanie OBrien-Gadd 15 years
AMIkids Home Office Stanley Frye 14 years
Sand Hills Dororthy Purcell 14 years
Miami Dade (South) Terrance Levell 14 years
White Pines Steven Crisp 14 years
PCMI Darla Vaudrin 13 years
Piedmont George Mahida 13 years
Sandoval Kelvin Jeter 12 years
Rio Grande Valley Deborah Copeland 12 years
Baton Rouge Diaquire Thomas 12 years
Beaufort Melvin Brown 12 years
Acadiana Lisa Wilridge 12 years
Acadiana Renata Thomas 12 years
Y.E.S. Melissa Baker 10 years
Sand Hills Betty Slater 10 years
Volusia Kathryn Haynes 10 years

5+ Years with AMIkids!

AMIkids Home Office Renita English 9 years
AMIkids Home Office David Laramee 9 years
AMIkids Home Office Monica Nichols 8 years
Spacecoast Trifornia Rudolph 8 years
Rio Grande Valley Silvano Cruces 8 years
Piedmont David Green 8 years
Spacecoast Lelia Weeks 7 years
NC Family Services Nash Love III 7 years
Sandoval Maggie Chiquito 7 years
Georgetown Erik Wright 7 years
Sand Hills Vera Fludd 7 years
Volusia Stephen Odu 7 years
Sandoval Caleb Vigil 7 years
Acadiana Charmona Murphy-Henry 6 years
Pensacola Cheri Williams 6 years
Tampa Carlos Valdes 6 years
Y.E.S. Darby Saint-Louis 6 years
Sandoval Patterlisha Toledo 6 years
Acadiana Gwendolyn Meche 6 years
White Pines Anthony Sartor 6 years
White Pines Justin Koepke 5 years
AMIkids Home Office Katrina Cox 5 years
Tampa Deborah Yandila 5 years
Behavioral Health Therese Hartwell 5 years
White Pines Lateia Brailey 5 years
Sandoval Mary Reynolds 5 years
White Pines Terlexcia Robinson 5 years
PCMI Joshua Bailey 5 years
Emerald Coast Audra Ray 5 years
Gainesville Marterricus Thomas 5 years

Under 5 Years with AMIkids!

Southwest Florida Mitchell Macey 4 years
Rio Grande Valley Juan Luna 4 years
Y.E.S. Nathaniel Levy 4 years
Y.E.S. Musaab Al Ani 4 years
AMIkids Home Office Kent Rinehart 4 years
Y.E.S. Veronica Williams 4 years
White Pines Kendall Pouncy 4 years
Gainesville Tommy Alvin 4 years
Y.E.S. Robert George 4 years
Y.E.S. Dennis Hall 4 years
Infinity Wake County Rufus Moyer 4 years
Miami Dade (North) Patrick Francis 4 years
NC Family Services Zareen Kapadia 4 years
Savannah River Bernard Roberts 4 years
Tampa Dandre Pennamon Muhammad 4 years
Spacecoast Trish Boynton 4 years
Acadiana Christopher Duhon 4 years
NC Family Services Jennifer Bartel 4 years
White Pines Vidal Jones 4 years
Clay County Archie Harrison 3 years
Orlando James Harvey 3 years
Spacecoast Roderick Jackson 3 years
Behavioral Health Kelly McDearman 3 years
Volusia Elizabeth Bowne 3 years
AMIkids Home Office David Acree 3 years
Orlando Adalyn Hazelman Jaquez 3 years
Clay County Deborah Bowman 3 years
Caddo Umekia Coleman 3 years
Beaufort Mike Gideon 3 years
Escambia Boys Base Sean Parker 3 years
Duval Martin Carter 3 years
AMIkids Virginia, Inc. Michael Williams 3 years
Clay County Delwark Brown 3 years
Caddo Vannie Thompson 3 years
Greater Fort Lauderdale Madison Brody 3 years
Rio Grande Valley Derik Hernandez 3 years
Clay County Mary Hardwick 3 years
AMIkids Home Office Maria Porto-Duarte 3 years
AMIkids Virginia, Inc. Betty Dixon 3 years
Caddo Lamarus Harris 3 years
NC Family Services Alicia O'Leary 3 years
AMIkids Home Office Brandie Holjes 3 years
Pinellas Sawida Hollist 3 years
AMIkids Home Office Mario Lopez 3 years
White Pines LaJuan Payne 3 years
White Pines Naran Miller 3 years
Tampa Paula Evens 3 years
Bennettsville Debra Joyner 3 years
Infinity Marlboro Alexa Sanders 3 years
NC Family Services Rosaura Oatis 2 years
AMIkids Home Office April Jackson-James 2 years
Manatee County Katie Orlando 2 years
Manatee County Robert Powell 2 years
Georgetown Sandra Johnson 2 years
Y.E.S. David Mansfield 2 years
White Pines Arnecia Nebo 2 years
Y.E.S. Webster Pierre 2 years
Acadiana Shaniqua Crosley 2 years
Piedmont Darlene Bartee 2 years
PCMI Courtney Mallory 2 years
AMIkids Home Office Richard Strehl 2 years
AMIkids Home Office Victoria Cutrone 2 years
AMIkids Home Office Donna Reed 2 years
AMIkids Home Office Brenda Franco 2 years
White Pines Ernest Browning 2 years
Greater Fort Lauderdale Elizabeth Rodriguez 2 years
Miami Dade (South) Craytonya Sanders 2 years
Acadiana Jonea Savoie 2 years
Y.E.S. Randall Terry 2 years
Miami Dade (South) Nathaly Zepeda 2 years
Escambia Boys Base Paula Demonbreun 2 years
Beaufort Lillian Lawrence 2 years
Pinellas Pacherrah Faulkner 2 years
PCMI Thresha King 2 years
PCMI William Hess 2 years
Acadiana Wolona Bruno 2 years
PCMI Kimberly Nichols 2 years
Acadiana Crystal Williams 2 years
Bennettsville Lindell Stevenson 2 years
Baton Rouge Kiana Hamilton 2 years
Acadiana Logan Madar 2 years
Sand Hills Barrett Hollimon 2 years
White Pines Michele Ruff 2 years
Baton Rouge Lizzie Scroggins 2 years
Sandoval Lou Toledo 2 years
Bennettsville Tara Moore 1 year
Tampa Delphine Garside 1 year
Y.E.S. Vernon Pryer 1 year
Y.E.S. Katherine Howes 1 year
Caddo Dominick Williams 1 year
Rio Grande Valley Jose Rodriguez 1 year
Piedmont Linda Conway 1 year
Spacecoast Samuel Barrette 1 year
Y.E.S. Ebenezer Odei 1 year
Manatee County Patrick McNeil 1 year
Beaufort Robert Schmitt 1 year
Acadiana Adrian Goodacre 1 year
Sand Hills Lynn Henry 1 year
Georgetown Melanie Lewis 1 year
Sand Hills Gregory Sova 1 year
NC Family Services Brittne Brooks 1 year
Acadiana Dwyona Breaux 1 year
Acadiana Shaldoneih Monroe 1 year
Family Services Myles Davis 1 year
Volusia Christopher Norvilus 1 year
AMIkids Home Office Joyce Rolle 1 year
Acadiana Johnny Johnson 1 year
Greater Fort Lauderdale Clifford Brown 1 year
Savannah River Susette Mills 1 year
Savannah River Wanda Williams 1 year
Sand Hills Joshua Johnson 1 year
Behavioral Health Katarina Campagnola 1 year
Spacecoast Duriel Johnson 1 year
Savannah River Mary Fuller 1 year
AMIkids Home Office Genevieve Desarme 1 year
AMIkids Home Office Theresa Rick 1 year
NC Family Services Shacorie Benjamin 1 year
Family Services AL Monica Chatman 1 year
NC Family Services Nicole Fortune 1 year
PCMI Aimee Hammack 1 year
NC Family Services Christian Jacome 1 year
Y.E.S. Rodney Benjamin 1 year
NC Family Services Tatim Brace 1 year
Acadiana Angela Harris 1 year
Bennettsville Tangela Cue 1 year
Sand Hills Keith Ford 1 year
Escambia Boys Base Oronde Walker 1 year
Bennettsville Jamell Ford 1 year
Manatee County Sylvia Coleman 1 year
Rio Grande Valley Marco Cortez 1 year
Spacecoast Michelle Parlett 1 year
PCMI Tesha Chandler 1 year
AMIkids Home Office Luigi Pugliese Guzman 1 year


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