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Thank you for your service to AMIkids - The Family Beacon - March 2021 through July 2021

Aug 11, 2021

Cheers to the AMIkids staff celebrating their anniversary as a member of the AMIkids Family:
March 2021 through July 2021!!

30+ Years with AMIkids!

Savannah River Wade Goss 34 years
AMIkids Home Office Michael Thornton 31 years
AMIkids Home Office Heyward Golden 31 years
AMIkids Home Office Cloria S. Moran 30 years
AMIkids Home Office Devon Simon 29 years
AMIkids Home Office Wendell Watson 29 years
Greater Ft. Lauderdale Anthony Mcgee 29 years

20+ Years with AMIkids!

Jacksonville David Cobb 28 years
AMIkids Home Office Luis Ceruti 28 years
AMIkids Home Office Martha Chaffin 26 years
AMIkids Home Office Julie Fehr 25 years
Orlando Wanda Walker 24 years
Infinity Marlboro Darian Rembert 20 years

10+ Years with AMIkids!

Space Coast Dean Christos 17 years
AMIkids, Inc. Amy Bradshaw Hoppock 15 years
Piedmont George Mahida 14 years
AMIkids Home Office David Moss 14 years
White Pines Charles Anfield 14 years
Beaufort Melvin Brown 13 years
Acadiana Lisa Wilridge 13 years
Acadiana Renata Thomas 13 years
Acadiana Suzanna Charles 13 years
Rio Grande Valley Reynaldo Torres 13 years
AMIkids Home Office Deshawn Mason 13 years
Georgetown Enga Bonds 13 years
Boatyard Dudley Savage 12 years
Sand Hills Betty Slater 11 years
YES Melissa Baker 11 years
Volusia Kathryn Haynes 11 years
AMIkids Home Office Jacqueline Smith-Tatum 11 years
Miami Dade South Natividad Marte 11 years
AMIkids Home Office David Laramee 10 years
Georgetown Patrick Cumbee 10 years


5+ Years with AMIkids!

Space Coast Trifornia Rudolph 9 years
Sandoval David Green 9 years
Beaufort Matthew Kingdom 9 years
Rio Grande Valley Jose Badillo 9 years
Sand Hills Vera Fludd 8 years
Volusia Stephen Odu 8 years
Infinity Marlboro Marquais Hamlin 8 years
Behavioral Health Sherrica Cressor 8 years
EBB Jonathan Wiggins 8 years
AMIkids Home Office Melissa Chaves 8 years
Volusia Kimberly Aher 8 years
NCFS Olivia Newton 8 years
Sandoval Patterlisha Toledo 7 years
Acadiana Gwendolyn Meche 7 years
White Pines Anthony Sartor 7 years
Emeral Coast Jackie Bytell 7 years
Rio Grande Valley Perla C. Hernandez 7 years
Space Coast Norma Bolton 7 years
Georgetown Letichia Gallishaw 7 years
Gainesville Allison Marek 7 years
EBB Reginald Robinson 7 years
Emerald Coast Audra Ray 6 years
Gainesville Marterricus Thomas 6 years
Savannah River John Gaskins 6 years
Savannah River Danny West 6 years
AMIkids Home Office Rosemary Brackman 6 years
Savannah River Kendrick Prescott 6 years
EBB Steven Lovette 6 years
YES Dennis Hall 5 years
Miami Dade North Patrick Francis 5 years
NCFS Zareen Kapadia 5 years
Space Coast Trish Boynton 5 years
Acadiana Christopher Duhon 5 years
NCFS Jennifer Bartel 5 years
Sand Hills Judie Thomas 5 years
Behavioral Health Fumi Takashina 5 years
White Pines Lennie Rogess 5 years
NCFS Clint Williams 5 years
AMIkids Home Office George Cannon 5 years
Acadiana Shedrick Livings 5 years
White Pines Jannie Moore 5 years

Under 5 Years with AMIkids!

Caddo Vannie Thompson 4 years
Rio Grande Valley Derik Hernandez 4 years
AMIkids Home Office Maria Porto-Duarte 4 years
White Pines Terence Crosby 4 years
Caddo Lamarus Harris 4 years
VSVC Betty Dixon 4 years
AMIkids Home Office Mario Lopez 4 years
AMIkids Home Office Brandie Holjes 4 years
Pinellas Sawida Hollist 4 years
White Pines Lajuan Payne 4 years
Bennettsville Debra Joyner 4 years
Tampa Paula Evens 4 years
Infinity Marlboro Alexa Sanders 4 years
Beaufort Jay Marshall 4 years
Behavioral Health Celia Harrilal 4 years
Savannah River Angela Roberts 4 years
Savannah River Anna Herrington 4 years
Infinity Wake William Sanders 4 years
NCFS Tierra Cash 4 years
Jacksonville Katrina Albertie 4 years
Beaufort Lillian Lawrence 3 years
Acadiana Wolona Bruno 3 years
Emerald Coast Kimberly Nichols 3 years
Piedmont Michele Ruff 3 years
Sand Hills Barrett Hollimon 3 years
Boatyard Jorge Mahauad Wittmer 3 years
Beaufort William Gibbons 3 years
YES Yesenia Felix 3 years
NCFS Lindsey Lowtharpe 3 years
Bennettsville Alexas Kale 3 years
Manatee Johny Altine 3 years
CLAY Larry Lindfield 3 years
Manatee Carolyn Mcbean 3 years
Manatee Ellen Webb 3 years
Caddo Kim White 3 years
Caddo Nicole Sweet 3 years
Caddo Erica Bruno 3 years
Caddo Brian Jackson 3 years
Acadiana Johnny Johnson 2 years
Savannah River Susette Mills 2 years
Behavioral Health Katarina Campagnola 2 years
Space Coast Duriel Johnson 2 years
NCFS Christian Jacome 2 years
NCFS Nicole Fortune 2 years
YES Rodney Benjamin 2 years
NCFS Tatim Brace 2 years
Acadiana Angela Harris 2 years
Space Coast Michelle Parlett 2 years
White Pines Carrie Cothran 2 years
Virginina Inc. Allicia Gnolfo 2 years
NCFS Paige Myers 2 years
White Pines Michael Parris 2 years
Baton Rouge Kianna Lynch 2 years
Bennettsville Cheryl Johnson Simmons 2 years
Gainesville Danielle Dorn 2 years
Space Coast Abimael Ortiz-solivan 2 years
Georgetown Sean Neal 2 years
Beaufort Olatunji Adejola 2 years
EBB Valerie Hancock 2 years
NCFS Kayla Merkel 2 years
Baton Rouge Chauncey Griffin 2 years
Rio Grande Valley Luis Torres 2 years
Acadiana Brandi Brown 2 years
EBB Tamela Mccorvey 2 years
Gainesville Brenda Mccaslin 2 years
Acadiana Lisa Coleman 2 years
EBB Erick Cook 2 years
Sandoval Jennifer Gauna 2 years
AMIkids Home Office Torrey Dalgleish 2 years
Caddo Sherena Dallas 2 years
Caddo Shakikka Armstrong 2 years
Caddo Ronnard Toney 2 years
AMIkids Home Office Akam Dasi 1 year
Georgetown Patience H. Gamble 1 year
Savannah River Sharteshia Jackson 1 year
AMIkids Home Office Susan Johnson 1 year
Acadiana Latesha Hagger 1 year
Acadiana Traven Carrier 1 year
Sandoval Kelsey Hennard 1 year
Georgetown Victoria Johnson 1 year
Pensacola Torrey Jones 1 year
Space Coast Jason Moore 1 year
Beaufort Isis Frasier 1 year
Gadsden Xenia Bailey 1 year
Sandoval Curtis Begay 1 year
Space Coast Sheryl Taylor 1 year
White Pines Nasier Worthy 1 year
Volusia Shannon Hicks 1 year
Piedmont Dorriane Watson 1 year
AMIkids Home Office Rebecca Hix 1 year
Rio Grande Valley Erick Jimenez Galvan 1 year
Savannah River Ernest Patterson 1 year
Orlando Cedrick Brooks 1 year
Sandoval Richard Barragan 1 year
AMIkids Home Office Jessica Mitchell 1 year
AMIkids Home Office Rebecca Campbell 1 year
YES Noe Garza 1 year
Greater Ft. Lauderdale Cedria Parker 1 year
YES Mary Wilt 1 year
NCFS Victoria A. Leonard 1 year
Behavioral Health Dianna Barber 1 year
Space Coast Lenard Harold 1 year
Gainesville Hannah Davis 1 year
Infinity Wake Danielle Polk 1 year
Sandoval Michelle Trujillo 1 year
Sandoval Amanda Lobato 1 year
Sandoval Devon Fleming 1 year
EBB Rachel Mitchell 1 year
NCFS Nena Crowe 1 year
Bennettsville Messiah Wilkerson 1 year
Gainesville Monae Mcclellan 1 year

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