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Thank you for your service to AMIkids - The Family Beacon - August 2021 through December 2021

Jan 04, 2022

Cheers to the AMIkids staff celebrating their anniversary as a member of the AMIkids Family:
August 2021 through December 2021!!

30+ Years with AMIkids!

Panama City Ronald Boyce 33 years
AMIkids Home Office Maria Greico 30 years


20+ Years with AMIkids!

Caddo Jamile Emile 29 years
AMIkids Home Office Issac Williams 28 years
Greater Ft. Lauderdale Cristen Melegian 25 years
Georgetown Henrietta Gethers 24 years
Boatyard Kelly Collins 24 years
Greater Ft. Lauderdale Michael Moistner 24 years
Piedmont Tomika Allen 22 years
Boatyard Robert Dupuy 22 years
Orlando Kaylea Layton 21 years
Tampa Karla Lawton 21 years
Sand Hills Patricia Hudley 20 years
Clay County Charles Benda 20 years
Volusia Rawle Barnes 20 years

10+ Years with AMIkids!

AMIkids Home Office Margaret Daly 19 years
Miami Dade North Jonathan Morejon 19 years
Savannah River Jerone Bell 18 years
Sand Hills Gerald Chapman 17 years
AMIkids Home Office Rebecca Corrigan 17 years
Gateways Rickie Hardy 17 years
Georgetown Mary Mcgirt 15 years
AMIkids Home Office Saray Thach 15 years
White Pines Laquentin Irvin 15 years
Infinity Wake Antwaun Arnold 14 years
Panama City Jaime Dahlin 14 years
Space Coast Allen Broomfield 14 years
AMIkids Home Office Robert Waters 14 years
AMIkids Home Office Nicole Barnes 13 years
Space Coast Peter Augustine 13 years
YES Ruben Rocha 13 years
Beaufort Guy Henry 13 years
Miami Dade North Enrique Garcia 13 years
White Pines Patty Boyd 13 years
Infinity Marlboro Kimberly Dease 12 years
Panama City Billy Morris 12 years
Beaufort Joanne Peifer 12 years
Miami Dade North Abraham Ruiz 11 years
AMIkids Home Office Debra Meyer 10 years
AMIkids Home Office Korah Skuce 10 years
NC Family Services Mary Lovett 10 years
Virginia Services Jaclyn Scott 10 years
Volusia Brent Boyle 10 years


5+ Years with AMIkids!

Behavioral Health Jeronda Golston 9 years
NC Family Services Kasi Floyd 9 years
Behavioral Health Danielle Crespi 9 years
Caddo Mitchell Steiner 9 years
Space Coast Ruby Kehayias 9 years
Gainesville Lisa Anspacher 9 years
Sandoval Eloyda Romero 9 years
Beaufort Shalae Edwards 8 years
Savannah River Calma Weiss 8 years
Sandoval Stella Gonzales 8 years
AMIkids Home Office Soksokun Thach 8 years
Infinity Wake Bertha Phillips 8 years
Miami Dade North Anthony Gaines 8 years
Orlando Anthony Ervin 8 years
AMIkids Home Office Fredrickson Saint-Louis 8 years
Savannah River Billy Waters 7 years
Miami Dade South Carlos Perez 7 years
Miami Dade North Traceshaud Carter 7 years
Space Coast Vivet Angoy 7 years
Georgetown Joseph Grate 7 years
Boatyard Roger Herd 7 years
AMIkids Home Office DeCarlo McKenzie 7 years
AMIkids Home Office Marie Haskins 7 years
Savannah River William Sheley 6 years
Space Coast Tina Colon 6 years
Space Coast Danielle Jewett 6 years
Behavioral Health Danielle Garner 6 years
EBB Alexia Mader 6 years
White Pines Patricia Kabir 6 years
Tampa Brenda Young 6 years
YES Willie Queen 6 years
Acadiana Janae Allen 6 years
Albuquerque Transitional Living Oscar Sandoval 6 years
White Pines Curlee Gory 6 years
Space Coast Rita Green 6 years
Clay County Robin Henson 6 years
Miami Dade North Jerri Walker 6 years
Space Coast Melrick Davis 6 years
Space Coast Roger Dixon 6 years
Acadiana James Jolivette 6 years
Boatyard Erin Seasholtz 6 years
Bennettsville Velma Bond 6 years
Georgetown Michelle Mcbride 6 years
Acadiana Eric Jolivette 6 years
Sand Hills Terrance Ray 6 years
Acadiana Gloria Kidd 6 years
Caddo Tamika Aldridge 5 years
Caddo Gwendolyn Hamilton 5 years
Infinity Wake Lakendra Dozier 5 years
Space Coast Stephanie Deforest 5 years
Miami Dade South Clansci Black 5 years
Caddo Thelma Richardson 5 years
AMIkids Home Office Chad Cadwell 5 years
Jacksonville Joshua Mcnair 5 years
AMIkids Home Office Jeannette Flynn 5 years
YES Nikisha Clouden 5 years
NC Family Services Jugena Watson 5 years
Bennettsville Pamela Youngfellow 5 years
Acadiana Lajuan Milstead 5 years
Virginia Services Christie Runski 5 years
Caddo Eric Tramiel 5 years
White Pines Krystal Geter 5 years
AMIkids Home Office Joseph Gallina 5 years
Virginia Services Ernest Madison 5 years
AMIkids Home Office Suzan Rohn 5 years
Pensacola David Henderson 5 years


Under 5 Years with AMIkids!

Clay County Gail Goldberg 4 years
Beaufort Shawn Gantt 4 years
Family Services Yvonne Washington 4 years
Georgetown Arlene Wigfall 4 years
AMIkids Home Office Lizzette Navarro 4 years
Acadiana Larry George 4 years
Jacksonville Miozothys Bello 4 years
Miami Dade North Shagaria Meeks 4 years
Infinity Marlboro Phillip Bethea 4 years
Clay County Scott Beebe 4 years
White Pines James Hill 4 years
Miami Dade South Claudia Batista 4 years
Pensacola Sheryl Levitt 4 years
Space Coast Bryan Brown 4 years
Duval Shameka King 4 years
Greater Ft. Lauderdale Gerard Smith 4 years
Acadiana Kameron Kidd 4 years
Beaufort Althea Jenkins 4 years
Panama City Tony Thompson 3 years
Savannah River Barry Kirkland 3 years
Georgetown Felecia Huggins 3 years
Caddo Mckeever Moham 3 years
Miami Dade South Joel Real Mejias 3 years
AMIkids Home Office Dawn Mitchell 3 years
AMIkids Home Office Brandon Mosby 3 years
Jacksonville Michelle Willis-Blackman 3 years
Tampa Russell Porter 3 years
Sand Hills Wendy Ray 3 years
Greater Ft. Lauderdale Debra Simpson 3 years
Miami Dade North Adam Fisher 3 years
Georgetown Wallace Hurell 3 years
Bennettsville Kaysee Ashwood 3 years
Family Services Saisha Leshoure 3 years
YES Dawn Cummins 3 years
EBB Dakota Banks 3 years
Piedmont Tylisha Wright 3 years
AMIkids Home Office Angela Gayle 3 years
Sandoval Adam Braxton 3 years
Rio Grande Valley Jose Gonzalez 3 years
EBB Jean Casimir 3 years
Miami Dade South Contessa Bryan 3 years
Alabama Family Services Jamelyn Hughes 2 years
YES Celia Pogson 2 years
Infinity Marlboro Jennifer Liles 2 years
Infinity Wake Faye McCoy Acquilla 2 years
Infinity Marlboro Ronnie Moore 2 years
Jacksonville Septimus Barrock 2 years
Beaufort Joell Watson 2 years
AMIkids Home Office Tabatha Burton 2 years
Sandoval Bonifacio Montoya 2 years
Volusia William Latham 2 years
Space Coast Shando Gonzalez 2 years
Baton Rouge Courtney Lawson 2 years
Volusia Rahn Hortman 2 years
Miami Dade North Kathy Alexander 2 years
Behavioral Health Ashley Guerra 2 years
EBB Shantel Black 2 years
YES Adanna Watson 2 years
EBB Bryan Matheson 2 years
Bennettsville Ira Dease 2 years
Panama City Rose Piorkowski 2 years
White Pines Sheldon Jarrett 2 years
Caddo Justin Lacy 2 years
White Pines Robert Cheeks 2 years
Gadsden Precious Baker-Hopkins 2 years
Duval Johniece Johnson 2 years
Behavioral Health Teresa Punzi 2 years
Tampa Michael Paukovich 2 years
Georgetown Brian Boston 2 years
Infinity Marlboro Raven Fennell 2 years
Greater Ft. Lauderdale Claude Fore 2 years
Greater Ft. Lauderdale Miguel Mowatt 2 years
Savannah River Kenya Smith 2 years
White Pines Lewis Graham 1 year
Savannah River Thomas Henderson 1 year
EBB Glovers Jackson 1 year
YES Carla Foord 1 year
YES Jessica Lynch 1 year
White Pines Dearon Harrington 1 year
YES Cynthia Spence 1 year
Acadiana James Bean 1 year
Gainesville Jessica Young 1 year
Tampa Larry Barton 1 year
White Pines Gloria Harris 1 year
AMIkids Home Office Luba Ayzenshtat 1 year
Behavioral Health Tanya Smith 1 year
AMIkids Home Office James Cardwell 1 year
Behavioral Health Jennifer Weber 1 year
Alabama Family Services Tankiya Morris 1 year
AMIkids Home Office Melissa Sawyer 1 year
Sand Hills Lori Horton 1 year
Miami Dade North Khalelah Spencer 1 year
AMIkids Home Office Theresa Moran 1 year
AMIkids Home Office Emily Murray 1 year
Miami Dade South Marquis Wright 1 year
Space Coast James Deamara 1 year
Miami Dade North Brittany Crawford 1 year
YES Bradley Fisher 1 year
Beaufort Eckeron Kelly 1 year
Bennettsville Monica Livingston 1 year
Sandoval Heather Lucero 1 year
Clay County Carolyn Brooks-High 1 year
EBB Devante Braxton 1 year
White Pines Angelica Hall 1 year
Caddo Shonda Ford 1 year
Bennettsville Johneysha Newton 1 year
NC Family Services Leigh Hildebrand 1 year
Greater Ft. Lauderdale Valrie Bignall Richards 1 year
Clay County Anthony Johnson 1 year
Infinity Marlboro Demetrius Knox 1 year
Beaufort Gregory Johnson 1 year
EBB Christopher Delva 1 year
Space Coast Rebeca Porter 1 year
Farmington Arnold Keeswood 1 year
Pensacola Kiera Williams 1 year
Space Coast Jorge Vidal-marlasca 1 year
Farmington Tiffany Watson Plummer 1 year
Farmington Anthony Charles 1 year
Orlando Kenneth Peterson 1 year
Sandoval Christina Morales 1 year
Miami Dade South Jesus Quintero 1 year
Space Coast George Wood 1 year
Acadiana Patrick Walker 1 year
Bennettsville Carol Turner 1 year
Orlando Luis Ortiz 1 year
Volusia Daniel Gonzalez Reta 1 year
Gadsden Shanae Gamble 1 year
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