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Holland & Knight Volunteers with AMIkids Miami-Dade for Service Gardening Project

Mar 12, 2015

Lyndy Lambert, AMIkids Miami Dade Board President, volunteered with members from her firm, Holland & Knight, to conduct a community service day project at the North campus this past Saturday. 8 team members from Holland & Knight, 10 AMI students and 5 AMI staff participated in the community service gardening project.

2015-3-12 Miami-Dade Gardening
The project kicked off on Friday. Team members met at Home Depot to pick up plants that were purchased by Holland & Knight using funds raised during their Casual Friday fundraiser event.

Later that afternoon the program had 3 tons of soil delivered and dumped onto the front yard of the facility.

Volunteers from Holland & Knight arrived early Saturday morning and the students, team members and volunteers started working.

The students did most of the gardening- planting kale, bells peppers, basil, tomatoes, and much more…

Lyndy worked closely with two upper ranking students Marcus M. and Rick V. in planting two papaya trees.

Mr. Dave spent some time teaching our youth about good old fashion landscaping. Mr. Dave is another new addition to the AMIkids Miami Dade North family thanks to the Department of Labor grant. He will be teaching our youth NCCER construction Instruction.

The event was an overall success!! Volunteers, students and team members shared laughs, stories, jokes and worked their tush’s off. A warm thank you to Lyndy Lambert and Holland & Knight for their continued support to our mission and always keeping our kids first. Special shout out to the students and staff of the Dade North family who spent their Saturday Morning in the dirt working hard!!

It was a great day of cooperative work with AMIkids Youth, Staff, our Board President Lyndy Lambert, her husband Michael and volunteers from the law firm Holland and Knight. We were also grateful to have Jeff and his abundant knowledge and expertise in the area of gardening! We planted vegetables, herbs and fruits including 2 papaya trees. We even had 2 mothers who brought their 9 and 10 year olds to participate and lend their helpful hands! As the garden grows, and our youth and staff tend to it, it will be a lesson in “reaping what you sew” as we utilize the fruits of our labor within the daily meals for the youth here at AMIkids Miami-Dade (North). A big thank you to all who came out to be a part of the event!!!

2015-3-12 Miami-Dade Gardening1