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United Way of Miami-Dade Selects AMIkids Miami-Dade Student as Spokesperson

Jul 08, 2015

The United Way of Miami Dade County has selected AMIkids Miami-Dade student Youri to be a spokesperson for the United Way.

The United Way will be filming a documentary on Youri's life, highlighting how AMIkids Miami-Dade has positively impacted and aided Youri in separating a troubled past to a bright future. The documentary will trace back to the front steps of Youri's home growing up, things he did that landed him in the program, how the program has helped him on his new ventures and what he continues to do upon completing the program. Special thanks to Ms. Dannielle, our Career Coordinator, for her countless hours dedicated to Youri to help find employment and discover his potential.

youri a july15

The United Way is a huge supporter of AMIkids Miami-Dade and we are honored to highlight Youri's success at the program and his future. Youri is 18 years old and completed the program successfully this past February. Youri chose to re-enroll at AMIkids Miami-Dade as a School Board student to take advantage of the U.S. Department of Labor Certifications in ServeSafe and career services. AMIkids Miami-Dade will is proud to support Youri in his future endeavors as he strives to continue to better himself.

We are happy that the United Way of Miami Dade County selected and decided to produce a documentary on Youri’s life and how AMIkids Miami-Dade contributed to his success.