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AMIkids Miami-Dade Partners with Grey Stone Unity Health & Rehabilitation Center for 'Service from the Heart'

Jul 16, 2015

On Wednesday July 1st, AMIkids Miami-Dade (North) participated in the Annual Service from the Heart-Hearts for Seniors event and partnered with Grey Stone Unity Health and Rehabilitation Center of North Miami and spent a day with their residents.

miami-dade service from the heartStudents spent the first half of the day with Grey Stones residents socializing and serving food, and the second half of the day gardening.

After a long day in the hot sun, Grey Stone provided our hard working students with an appreciation BBQ. We all know that food is always a great incentive for hard work! 

The residents at Grey Stone were happy to spend the day with our students and we are working on an on-going partnership, where students will spend one day a month with the seniors and work on special projects throughout the facility. Five out of the six students who participated will be successfully graduating from the program at the end of July. Three out of the five graduates will be taking advantage of the College Scholarship opportunity thanks to the support of the Fisher Island Philanthropic fund!

Special thanks goes out to Ms. Saymone for allowing AMIkids Miami-Dade (North) to partner with her facility and build pro-social relationships for our students and her residents. We appreciate you keeping our kids first!