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AMIkids Miami-Dade (North) Completes First Construction Project through NCCER

Aug 06, 2015

miami-dade student construction certificationThe first construction project at AMIkids Miami-Dade North is complete!! Supported by the Fisher Island Philanthropic Fund and Spearheaded by our Construction Instructor Mr. Dave, several students in the Construction class worked on the ramp demolition and rebuilding project at the North Campus. 

The hand railing at the end of the ramp was wobbly and needed to be removed. The entire concrete slab at the end of the ramp was also caving in sinking through the dirt. Our goal was to demolish the current concrete slab and foundation, remove all of the debris, lay down new gravel to help support the beams and lay down and secure the floor boards.

miami-dade early demolition

The first part of the project was the students' favorite, Demolition! Students were able to learn how to use a jackhammer and really enjoyed taking out the old construction.

Our NCCER construction class even has a female student taking advantage of the opportunity, and she was right in there with the boys. Even a few staff members helped with the demolition project, Teamwork! 

We had 10 tons of gravel delivered to the program and we began laying down the first layer of our support foundation. We decided to use gravel as our foundation so that rain could filter though and avoid future erosion. Our students spread the gravel to ensure we had an even plain to begin laying down the foundation framing.

miami-dade ramp constructionThe team took a lot of pride working together to finish this project. Mr. Dave and the program were extremely impressed by the student’s team work and good old fashioned hard work!

After the first few floor boards were laid, the team was excited to see the project beginning to take shape.

After 3 weeks of hard work, Mr. Dave and our students finished the ramp demolition and rebuilding project!

“The NCCER (National Center for Construction and Educational Research) curriculum is turning out to be a tremendous asset and to our program. Many of our students are taking advantage of the opportunity to become certified in construction; which will benefit our students upon completing our program and provide them with a tangible Certificate that will expose them to more opportunities for employment after AMIkids Miami-Dade.” – Enrique Garcia, Executive Director

miami-dade new rampAMikids Miami-Dade would like to thank The Fisher Island Philanthropic Fund for supporting the Ramp Demolition and Rebuilding Project. Fisher Island is in full support of the opportunities AMIkids Miami Dade offers to better serve youth in our community. We appreciate their continued support to our mission and for keeping our kids first!!