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AMIkids Panama City Marine Institute Earn a Day with the Horses

Jul 10, 2015

The kids at AMIkids Panama City Marine Institute quickly learn that hard work and positive behavior brings rewards, and this week we were able to provide a unique experience to those that earned it.

The kids traveled to Sunshine Riding Trails and were welcomed by Kathy who promptly handed them a bucket and put them to work. First Ms. Kathy taught the kids how to clean the hooves and then how to groom the horses. They learned how to work around horses safely and established a relationship with “their” horse.

PCMI horse trip3

Then came the fun part! After saddling their horses they learned how to ride. They were able to go on a trail ride too. When they got back, it was back to work washing down the hot horses and putting all of the tack away after making sure it was clean.

PCMI horse trip

At the end of the day, the kids were tired but said it was one of the best trip they have been on!

PCMI horse trip3