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6,000 Yachts, 50 years.

  • Blue Fin IV

    by Jorge Mahauad | Mar 06, 2023
    Thanks to Bill Snyder at Michael Rybovich & Sons Yacht Sales for facilitating the donation of this stunning 42' 1958 Rybovich Sportfish to AMIkids.


    Blue Fin IV is now available for lease with interest-free terms. The proceeds from this contribution will help support vital programming for 5,000 vulnerable youth in the next three years.

    For additional information, please contact Bill Snyder.
  • 115' - 35m Swiftships Motor Yacht "Rebecca" donated to AMIkids

    by Jorge Mahauad | Feb 08, 2022
    Yacht broker Mark Parker at HMY recently facilitated the donation of this unique Swiftships Motor Yacht to AMIkids.  

    115 1990 Swiftships MY Rebecca 1024x640@150dpi
    Established in 1942, Swiftships founder Fred Stewart had the vision to create a ship with an aluminum hull that excelled in shallow water military engagements. 

    "Swift Boats" allowed navigation of short river channels that were inaccessible to most small boat designs at the time and were vital in the Vietnam War.

    Always driven by innovation, function, and excellence, Swiftships began expanding in 1979. The company built six shipyards around the world to fabricate aluminum supply vessels, large oceangoing barges, utility boats, crew boats, and specialty vessels. Although Swiftships has focused on commercial application, a few and a select number of   Swiftships-built hulls have made it to the recreational yachting market.

    Rebecca is one of 16 superyachts architected by Swiftships. Built with an aluminum and teak deck, aluminum hull, and superstructure, the interior design by Fryco was executed by Global Marine and delivered in 1990. Her latest refit in 2014 included a complete repower with Caterpillar C-32's. 

    A unique find in the world of recreational yachting, Rebecca was donated to AMIkids in December 2021. 

    Currently berthed at Palm Harbor Marina, Rebecca is in the final stages of her improvements and will be show-ready soon. The 115' - 35m Motor Yacht will then lease long-term with the option to purchase. 

    The proceeds from the transaction will help provide mental health, education, and behavior refinement for 10,000+ troubled youth in the next three years.

    The donation of this unique Swiftships Motor Yacht was recently facilitated by 

    Yacht broker Mark Parker at HMY recently facilitated the donation of this unique Swiftships Motor Yacht to AMIkids.   
  • Welcome and Thank You, Charlie!

    by Jorge Mahauad | Dec 21, 2021
    Thanks to Charlie Nicklaus at C. Nicklaus Starling & Associates for joining the AMIkids Yacht Donation family. 

    Charlie is a Co-Founder at C. Nicklaus Starling & Associates and recently facilitated the donation of two custom express boats in favor of AMIkids' mission: 'Boova' and 'How Bout It'.

    Boova 1024x640@150dpi

    BooVA is a Steve French design built by Glenn Bradley. She is a piece of art rigged and equipped to fish hard while keeping all on board comfortable.

    how bout it 1024x640@150dpi

    How Bout It is an impeccably finished  43'cold-molded hull, equipped with the best modern-day equipment and built by Cinco Boatworks, Wood Parker, IV, a 3rd generation Harker's Island, NC-born boat builder.

    Both sportfish boats were delivered in 2017 and are equipped with Outboard Four-Stroke Yamaha F350's.

    AMIkids will be performing improvements to the boats in the upcoming weeks. Once finished, these sportfishes will be available for lease with interest-free terms to qualified individuals. All the proceeds from these contributions will help support behavioral health, education, and treatment services for over 10,000 vulnerable youth in 9 states over the next three years or more.

    Thanks to Charlie, his firm, and the generous donors of these vessels. AMIkids can help at-risk youth separate a troubled past from a bright future in 212 counties through your committed effort. 
  • Celebrating the life and sailing adventures of Scott Piper

    by Jorge Mahauad | Sep 14, 2021
    St. Petersburg, FL

    When William "Scott" Piper III was a child, his father laid a piece of advice on him:photo_004501_AC1E04A51dd073206BJgDU64AFE9_1_20191222 "There's no reason to live in Florida if you don't do what it has to offer."

    With this, a passion for sailing was born. With it, a legacy that Piper's father would have been proud of: Four "near" circumnavigations, podium finishes in high-profile events such as Key West Race Week and the now-defunct Southern Ocean Racing Conference (SORC), a third-place finish in the double-handed Newport-Bermuda Race, an invitation to sail with Dennis Conner in his Stars & Stripes '87 campaign, and numerous ocean crossings, including rounding three of the world's five great capes.

    Scott began sailing at age 10, and within a year, had a boat of his own, a Moth (Pipe Dream I). Next came a Comet (Pipe Dream II) and a penchant for buoy racing. By the time he was in high school, Piper was racing Lightnings and doing foredeck on big boats, including offshore SORC events with his father. By age 19, while still an undergrad at Dartmouth, Piper made his first Atlantic crossing; his second came two years later.

    Scott lived a life that any sailor would admire. He completed five circumnavigations, transited the Suez and Panama Canals, and rounded both Cape Hope and Cape Horn, logged over 200,000 miles, and visited 147 countries along the way. He was awarded the prestigious CCA Blue Water Medal in 2008 and received 17 CCA Parkinsons Awards for 17 Ocean Crossings. He was the SORC Chairman 1986-1987 and 1991-1992. 

    Scott passed away on December 2, 2019, in Coconut Grove, Florida. Knowing how much sailing meant to Scott, his wife Mary decided to donate Pipe Dream to AMIkids in 2021. 

    Pipe Dream is available for sale. Professionally kept and maintained, this donated J160 has many upgrades, including new electronics, engine, generator, and rig. She is currently in St. Petersburg, FL.
  • Marlow Marine company doubles up for AMIkids

    by Jorge Mahauad | Sep 01, 2021
    St. Petersburg, FL

    AMIkids would like to thank Marlow Marine Sales, Kathy Quam, and RuthAnn Tucker for facilitating the donation of the 67' 2008 Lyman-Morse "Sweetie" and the 53' 2006 Marlow "Mermaid." 

    These two yachts were donated days apart through the Sneed Island builder and are currently undergoing improvements in the greater Tampa Bay region. 


    For information about leasing these vessels, please contact the brokers. Kathy Quam is the central agent for the 67' 2008 Lyman-Morse, RuthAnn Tucker represents the 53' 2006 Marlow.

    Once these donated yachts are leased from AMIkids by a qualified individual, the proceeds will help support 44 programs in 9 states that serve close to 5,000 youth every year. 

  • 'GUSTO' means 'ZEST'

    by Jorge Mahauad | Aug 04, 2021
    Rod Taylor at Superyacht Sales and Charter recently facilitated the donation of this amazing Luxury Explorer Yacht.

    Gusto Side View 2.1

    Delivered in 2002 by Dutch builder Kuipers Woudsend, GUSTO is a 84' / 25.6m long-range expedition yacht.

    Designed by famed yacht engineering and naval architecture studio Vripack, GUSTO features a full displacement steel hull and aluminum superstructure with a maximum range of 5,500 nautical miles.

    Gusto Interiors

    Recently donated to AMIkids, GUSTO is now available for a long-term lease with the option to purchase. All proceeds from her lease will help support the work of AMIkids in 222 counties nationwide.

    We also want to thank Neil Emmott, Managing Director at Superyacht Sales and Charter for this contribution, and for supporting the mission of AMIkids in South Florida.

    Neil is a board member of AMIkids Greater Fort Lauderdale and his support has been paramount to our program since he joined us. Learn more 

  • Just Priceless!

    by Jorge Mahauad | Apr 30, 2021
    Thanks to Eric Frank and Allied Marine for facilitating the contribution of this 56' 2007 Pershing. 


    Currently, in Aquebogue, N.Y 'PRICELESS' will be available soon with interest-free lease terms to a qualified individual. All the proceeds from this transaction will help support the mission of AMIkids in 222 counties nationwide.

    For additional information about this yacht contact Cole Watkins at Allied Marine. To learn more about how AMIkids helps vulnerable youth separate a troubled past from a bright future, or to explore yacht donation as an alternative to selling your vessel, contact us.
  • Custom Sportfish available soon!

    by Jorge Mahauad | Apr 19, 2021
    Bob O'Brien at IYC recently facilitated the contribution of this Custom-Built 2018 54' French Express.

    She has 350 hours on her CAT C-18 engines which are under warranty until 2023 and will be available soon!

    Sea Wheels GIF
  • Why I decided to support AMIkids BEYOND yacht donations? A perspective from Neil Emmott | SYSAC

    by Jorge Mahauad | Mar 24, 2021
    A perspective from Neil Emmott | Partner at SYSAC

    St. Petersburg, FL

    In 2019, Neil Emmott facilitated his first transaction for AMIkids. Neil helped donate the 120' Benetti "Believe", one of the most significant yachts ever to be contributed to AMIkids.

    Throughout the contribution process, Neil learned the impact of yacht donations in the youth we serve, and also about the harsh reality some of our kids endure.

    "It struck me —supporting AMIkids is a way in which I can pay-back. I got involved in helping kids in rough environments make better choices and get on a better route to success."

    Eventually, Neil got involved beyond the yacht donation transaction and was recently voted into the Board of Trustees of our program in Greater Fort Lauderdale. Through his service and decication, Neil has already created a lasting impact in our efforts to rebuild our pool in Fort Lauderdale and expand our reach in the yacht brokerage community and the marine industry. 

    To learn more about the AMIkids Yacht Donation Program visit, to support AMIkids Greater Fort Lauderdale rebuild its pool, give online at You can learn more about Neil and Superyacht Sales and charter here.

  • AMIkids Yacht Donation featured in Megayacht News Radio

    by Jorge Mahauad | Mar 17, 2021
    Thanks to Megayacht News for hosting our colleague Dudley Savage on her podcast last week. You can listen to the 20' Yacht Donation episode on the Megayacht News Radio page or wherever you get your podcasts. 

    Megayacht News Radio

    Megayacht News Radio became the first-ever podcast series in the superyacht industry back in 2009. Each episode is an in-depth interview designed to help you learn more, to better enjoy your favorite pastime.

  • Custom Brooklin Yacht Sonny III donated to AMIkids

    by Jorge Mahauad | Feb 01, 2021

    St. Petersburg, FL

    AMIkids is pleased to announce the donation of 'SONNY III' through Hank Halsted (N&J). Sonny III (2018) is the third sailboat donated to AMIkids by this Owner since 1976.

    Sonny III 1024x640@150dpi

    SONNY III is a custom cold-molded sloop built for high-performance cruising and designed for daysailing and blue-water passages. She was a larger replacement for the Owner's former 70-foot yacht, built by Brooklin Boat Yard, and donated to AMIkids in 2017.  

    Construction on SONNY III took 18 months. Her design by Bruce Johnson and the Brooklin Boat Yard design office saw multiple revisions by the Owner - a retired senior with limited mobility who requested a yacht with more accessibility and was heavily involved in the process.

    Dubbed a 'Super Sloop' by Megayacht News, the real achievement in Sonny III wasn't just the overly aggressive 18-month delivery timeline but also pushing the design and building teams towards considering accessibility and mobility as they created a high-performance luxury classic sloop.

    SONNY III is also a story about repeat business and philanthropy. The relationship between AMIkids and the donor started in 1976, when Alan Learch — then AMI employee, now yacht broker with Allied Marine, facilitated a Whitby 42' sailboat in favor of AMIkids.   

    Sonny I launched in 2000, and was contributed to a charity in Maine in 2010. A twin sister, Sonny II, was delivered in 2013. AMIkids received the contribution of Sonny II in 2017, right as Sonny III's build was underway.   

    Hoisting Sales during Sea Trial and Survey

    SONNY III Interiors

    Additional Reading:

    Brooklin Boat Yard launches custom sloop Sonny III - Superyacht Times
    SONNY a Brooklin Boat Yard Yacht - Charter World
    Super Sloop SONNY III, solving accessibility challenges - Megayacht News

  • 'My Way'

    by Jorge Mahauad | Jan 11, 2021

    That's the translation of 'A Modo Mio', the name of a 40' 2003 Cabo SF recently contributed to the AMIkids Yacht Donation Program by Bill Martz at United Yacht Sales.

    A MODO MIO 1024x640@300dpi

    Amodo Mio is currently available as an outright sale.  We want to thank Bill and the donor for this contribution. 'Your' way will certainly help 'our' mission of helping at risk youth through valuable resources.

    For additional information about Amodo Mio, contact Bill Martz.

  • Introducing the finest Merritt 37' ever built

    by Jorge Mahauad | Jan 06, 2021
    ANDIAMO was the finest Merritt 37' ever built. The reason is simple; she was Roy Merritt's personal boat.

    1967 Merritt Andiamo 1024x640@150dpi

    Wonderfully cared for throughout the years, she has received impressive updates. Andiamo is now an exceptional example of a classic day fishing boat with all the refinements & quality finishes that only a genuinely custom classic can offer.

    Facilitated by Brad Hunt, 'Andiamo' is now a part of the AMIkids Yacht Donation fleet. Currently lying at the Merritt's Boat and Engine Works yard, she will be be available for lease with interest free terms soon. All proceeds from her lease will support the AMIkids mission of helping vulnerable youth in 10 states. 

    For additional information about leasing Andiamo, contact Brad Hunt. To learn more about how yacht donations help at-risk kids separate a troubled past from a bright future contact us.

  • Closing the Decade: A Report on Yacht Donations

    by Jorge Mahauad | Dec 18, 2020

    As 2020 comes to a close, we would like to share our quinquennial report on yacht donations.

    Starting in January 2021, we will be sending hard copies to our donors, lessees, and business partners. In the meantime, feel free to flip some pages digitally. 

    Our yacht donation program would not exist without the support of our donors, lessees, and our yacht brokerage partners.

    Special thanks to the firms and individuals whose notable vessel contributions helped our mission in 2020.

    Allied Marine  
    Denison Yachting  
    DiMillo Yacht Sales  
    Down East Yachting  
    Fraser Yachts  
    Galati Yacht Sales  
    Gilman Yachts  
    HMY Yacht Sales  
    Merritt Boat & Engine Works  
    Northrop & Johnson  
    Tait Yachts

  • A rare find awaits... Are you the one?

    by Jorge Mahauad | Dec 01, 2020

    Thanks to Jon Mitchel at Galati Yacht Sales in Orange Beach, Alabama for facilitating the donation of this 106' 2016 Custom Houseboat.

    LeColbyJean 1024x640@150dpi

    "Le Colby Jean" is an incredible opportunity to purchase a very high-end custom houseboat at a fraction of the original build cost.

    She boasts 6 large staterooms plus crew quarters with heads, as well as a large galley and dining area with wet bar. It is fully furnished and is very well appointed with crown moldings, exotic wood, flooring, and stone countertops throughout. Don’t miss your opportunity to purchase a fantastic houseboat that would make a perfect mothership, fishing camp, or hunting camp for entertaining or just a getaway from today’s world. It’s fully self-contained and ready to set sail on its next voyage.

    The vessel is powered with twin Cummins diesel engines with thrusters on board as well for ease in maneuvering. With a very large deckhouse, it affords the maximum use of space and incorporates all of the comforts of home while at sea.

    For more information about leasing this houseboat please contact  Jon Mitchel at Galati Yacht Sales. All proceeds from yacht donations help support the AMIkids mission of helping at-risk youth in 10 states. 

  • A wonderful Friendship

    by Jorge Mahauad | Dec 01, 2020

    Thanks to Blade Hovekamp and  Bruce Tait for a wonderful working relationship and friendship. Tait Yachts is one of the yacht brokerage houses with the most number of donations to AMIkids in the past few years.

    Windbreaker 600px@150dpi

    It is only fitting, that his last contribution to our yacht donation program is this 40' 2008 Friendship. The factory says it all in a very short but elegant way:

    "Impeccably designed, fast, beyond gorgeous, and built to an absolutely unmatched quality of perfection".

    Like the friendship between Tait Yachts and AMIkids, this sloop is built to win the thoughest races with grace. 

    For more information about Windbreaker, contact Blade Hovekamp. To learn more about the important work we do to help vulnerable kids overcome hardship for good, contact us.

  • You are Knot Dreamin'

    by Jorge Mahauad | Dec 01, 2020

    Thanks to Jennifer Richards at Down East Yachting for facilitating the contribution of Knot Dreamin'.

    Knot Dreamin1024x640@150

    Knot Dreamin’ is a beautiful example of the Hinckley Talaria 29R, a head turning fast and smooth convertible equipped with the 435hp Volvo D-6 Common Rail Diesel, windlass, bow thruster, Hinckley JetStick, Color GPS/Plotter, Auto-pilot, and more. 

    Knot Dreamin' has been pampered by being stored indoors at the Hamilton Harbor Yacht Club in Naples, FL. and kept with an 'open checkbook' policy.

    For additional information please contact Jennifer Richards at Down East Yachting.

  • Webinar: Using Yacht Donation in a Sellers Market

    by Jorge Mahauad | Oct 05, 2020
    St. Petersbug, FL

    We enjoyed the privilege of having Jeff Stanley from Gilman Yachts of Fort Lauderdale join us for a webinar about Yacht Donation and How to use it in a Sellers Market. It was a fantastic conversation, and Jeff was magnificent and always on point. Enjoy a 20' edit of the audio stream with some visual aids to learn Jeff's expert advice.

    About Jeff Stanley:

    Jeff started his Yacht Brokerage career in 1980, soon after graduating college. Starting as a new boat dealer gave him a constant stream of leads that was able to propel him into mainstream brokerage sales, where he is still very active 40 years later. 

    Since the year 2000, he has been at the helm of Gilman Yachts, where he maintains a collection of 25-30 listings at all times, concentrating in power yachts between 40 and 120 feet.  Jeff is also the number one individual broker in terms of the number of yacht donations for AMIkids. Since 2015, Jeff has facilitated a total of 6 contributions for our organization.

  • We're Hiring: Join our Facilitator Team!

    by Jorge Mahauad | Oct 05, 2020
    St. Petersburg, FL 

    AMIkids is hiring a Yacht Donation Facilitator, probably the coolest job in the marine industry.

    This is a unique role for unique individuals. Think of it as a sales or business development position with unlimited growth potential, incredible flexibility, potentially one of the most relevant missions in modern society and a monthly base salary. 
    team 560x315
    Our Team (left to right): Jorge A. Mahauad (Marketing), Mike Thornton (President and CEO), Dudley Savage (Facilitator), Kelly Collins (Business Adminitration), Jordan Carroll (former employee), Matt Frye (Boatyard Director), Roger Herd (Facilitator). Not pictured is Bob Dupuy (Project Manager) 

    Here’s the informal, unofficial job description:

    Our Yacht Donation Facilitators are responsible for securing and developing yacht donations. We will support your efforts with a proven methodology, provide some leads, and a CRM system. 

    Your job as a facilitator is to successfully walk the central listing agent, owner, or other decision-makers through the donation process. You won't be doing this alone; we have a team with decades of experience to support you. Once you have a prospect, you will be in charge of analyzing the condition of a wide variety of watercraft, and generating cost estimates associated with restoration/improvement work. 

    After a donation is secured, you will then be responsible for supervising the restoration/improvement of the vessel. This portion involves suggesting what should be improved, potential vendors or alternatives, traveling to oversee execution, etc. Knowledge of boats, yachts, vendors, the industry, marine systems is the set of skills we want. You don’t have to be an expert project manager who can list all the types of propulsion systems in the market, but you do have to be good at listening, analyzing and making risk-adverse, common sense decisions.

    Once the improvements are complete, you will also work with the brokerage community to sell or lease the yacht. Knowledge about brokerage, contracts, the process of surveying a vessel, are all desired skills. 

    Another component of this position: As you prospect and develop relationships, we need you to help our mission by transforming boat donors, lessees and marine industry professionals into advocates for our mission, helping at-risk youth. 

    If you are interested in reading the actual job description, click here.

    This job is a fantastic opportunity for self-driven and motivated individuals who thrive in his/her relationships with others, is sharp, engaging, and loves the thrill of the deal. 

  • World cruising aluminium sloop 'Chimera' donated to AMIkids

    by Jorge Mahauad | Sep 08, 2020
    Thanks to Hank Halsted at Northtop & Johnson for facilitating the contribution of 102' 2002 Alloy Yachts Sloop Chimera

    CHIMERA-1 1024x640

    Developed by Fontaine Design Group and constructed by Alloy Yachts, 'Chimera' features an attractive modern yet classically inspired profile, a high volume interior, and sleek and powerful sailing lines. She can accommodate up to 7 people on board and has approximately four professional crew. 

    This Aluminium luxury yacht has sailed around the world twice. She has an LOA of 102' 6" / 31.21m, beam is 26' /  7.31m, and her draft is 10' 9" / 3.28m. Chimera's last refit was completed in 2008.

    Alloy Yachts is a New Zealand based custom builder of luxury sailing yachts and motor yachts from 30m (100ft) to 68m (220ft).  Alloy Yachts is recognized as one of the leading superyacht builders globally and mainly specializes in high-quality luxury sailing yachts.

AMIkids is the go-to team for yacht donations. Their program is designed to follow strict protocol to protect the donor following current IRS guidelines all the while utilizing the donated proceeds for youth educational schooling throughout the country. – Lon McCloskey, Yacht Sales Professional       

In every instance, AMIkids has handled my clients’ donations in a very professional manner and with the donors’ best interest in mind. I recommend AMIkids and nobody else. With AMIkids, my clients come away with the great feeling that they have helped make a difference in troubled kids lives! – Jud Black, Bluewater Yacht Sales Bluewater Yacht Sales
We have been fortunate to have a relationship with AMIkids over several years and to be a part of what they accomplish so well. AMIkids motivates the community to give back and in doing so provides children and adults alike opportunities to share, learn, give and grow. We look forward to a lasting involvement with AMIkids! – Roy Merritt, Merritt’s Boat & Engine Works Brokerage Merritts Boat Brokerage
Thanks to our ongoing partnership with Yachting, AMIkids is able to spread more awareness about our programs and how the yachting community can help youth around the nation achieve a brighter tomorrow. – Michael Thornton, AMIkids, Inc.  -  Visit: Yachting.comYachting_Logo

"We always knew about AMIkids, but in 2019 I became involved in a transaction and took an interest to learn about the work various schools do. It struck me —supporting AMIkids is a way in which I can pay-back.

I got involved in helping kids in rough environments make better choices and get on a better route to success. I was happy to be invited to join the board of trustees and help contribute in the ways that I can."

— Neil Emmott, Partner at Superyacht Sales and Charter

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