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Custom Brooklin Yacht Sonny III donated to AMIkids

by Jorge Mahauad | Feb 01, 2021

St. Petersburg, FL

AMIkids is pleased to announce the donation of 'SONNY III' through Hank Halsted (N&J). Sonny III (2018) is the third sailboat donated to AMIkids by this Owner since 1976.

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SONNY III is a custom cold-molded sloop built for high-performance cruising and designed for daysailing and blue-water passages. She was a larger replacement for the Owner's former 70-foot yacht, built by Brooklin Boat Yard, and donated to AMIkids in 2017.  

Construction on SONNY III took 18 months. Her design by Bruce Johnson and the Brooklin Boat Yard design office saw multiple revisions by the Owner - a retired senior with limited mobility who requested a yacht with more accessibility and was heavily involved in the process.

Dubbed a 'Super Sloop' by Megayacht News, the real achievement in Sonny III wasn't just the overly aggressive 18-month delivery timeline but also pushing the design and building teams towards considering accessibility and mobility as they created a high-performance luxury classic sloop.

SONNY III is also a story about repeat business and philanthropy. The relationship between AMIkids and the donor started in 1976, when Alan Learch — then AMI employee, now yacht broker with Allied Marine, facilitated a Whitby 42' sailboat in favor of AMIkids.   

Sonny I launched in 2000, and was contributed to a charity in Maine in 2010. A twin sister, Sonny II, was delivered in 2013. AMIkids received the contribution of Sonny II in 2017, right as Sonny III's build was underway.   

Hoisting Sales during Sea Trial and Survey

SONNY III Interiors

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