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Why I decided to support AMIkids BEYOND yacht donations? A perspective from Neil Emmott | SYSAC

by Jorge Mahauad | Mar 24, 2021
A perspective from Neil Emmott | Partner at SYSAC

St. Petersburg, FL

In 2019, Neil Emmott facilitated his first transaction for AMIkids. Neil helped donate the 120' Benetti "Believe", one of the most significant yachts ever to be contributed to AMIkids.

Throughout the contribution process, Neil learned the impact of yacht donations in the youth we serve, and also about the harsh reality some of our kids endure.

"It struck me —supporting AMIkids is a way in which I can pay-back. I got involved in helping kids in rough environments make better choices and get on a better route to success."

Eventually, Neil got involved beyond the yacht donation transaction and was recently voted into the Board of Trustees of our program in Greater Fort Lauderdale. Through his service and decication, Neil has already created a lasting impact in our efforts to rebuild our pool in Fort Lauderdale and expand our reach in the yacht brokerage community and the marine industry. 

To learn more about the AMIkids Yacht Donation Program visit, to support AMIkids Greater Fort Lauderdale rebuild its pool, give online at You can learn more about Neil and Superyacht Sales and charter here.

Why Donate?

Vessel donation is a powerful and safe alternative for charitable yacht owners. The process is simple, convenient and expeditious. 

Every vessel contribution supports our mission to help at-risk youth separate a troubled past from a bright future. AMIkids is a nationally recognized nonprofit with a pristine track record of yacht donations for nearly 50 years.

Learn more about yacht donation or contact us and our team of experts will answer any questions.

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