Our Approach

The AMIkids Personal Growth Model is a proven success, tying together education and workforce development, treatment, and behavior and skills training.

Our research-driven approach helps young people unlock their true potential.

There is potential born into every child. AMIkids is dedicated to empowering young people to believe in themselves and believe success is possible. They don’t give up, so we don’t give up. We stick with them. We foster relationships, care, and a sense of family. And we provide structure. Our Personal Growth Model is a proven success: tying together education and workforce development, treatment, and behavior and skills training.

Personal Growth Model

At AMIkids, our commitment to serving young people is centered around putting kids first. Our innovative Personal Growth Model (PGM) is the cornerstone of our approach, drawing on decades of research in Positive Youth Development and Trauma-Responsive methodologies. First introduced in 2009, the PGM is meticulously designed to address and diminish risk factors that perpetuate negative behavior and hinder academic success.

Our goal is clear: to maximize protective factors that enhance program completion rates and foster academic achievement. By prioritizing the individual needs of each young person, our Personal Growth Model provides a framework that paves the way for success.

Kids First, Safety and Family

Three foundational principles of service delivery underlie everything we do at AMIkids. By putting the young person in the center of the program (Kids First), providing a secure, predictable, inclusive, and identity-rich environment for learning (Safety), and espousing a strengths-based family systems approach (Family), AMIkids provides the support system that prepares our youth for the future.

Four Key Elements of Positive Youth Development


Promoting a positive learning environment through peer-to-peer and youth-adult bonding involves supporting young people to share and value one another’s unique perspectives, experiences, strengths, and ideas.

Meaningful Participation

Research shows that it is not enough for young people to attend a program; rather, to make an actual difference, young people must be engaged. In engaged, meaningful participation, young people are given opportunities to work with others while also taking on leadership roles.

Community Involvement

AMIkids provides high-quality, safe, and environmentally secure programming and gives young people opportunities to increase knowledge about their communities (history, people, cultural aspects).

Challenged and Engaged Programming

High quality learning experiences are challenging when they require a youth to stretch beyond their current knowledge and skill level and are engaging
when they spark a natural curiosity or talent.

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