Hire our youth: Ignite potential and transform futures

At AMIkids, we’ve witnessed the incredible potential our young people possess. Now, they are ready to translate that potential into real-world success, and your partnership can be the key to unlocking their future. By hiring our youth, you not only contribute to their personal growth but also make a significant impact on your community.

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Hiring our young people will yield a lifetime of returns

Through the help of AMIkids, our students have discovered their vast potential but need the opportunity to translate that into real-world success. By hiring our kids, you can make a difference in your community by providing the opportunity for our kids to use the skills they’ve developed and grow their careers. Your investment of time and talent will yield a lifetime of returns for one of our young people.

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From unique perspectives to unwavering determination, hiring our young people is an investment in a workforce that adds value and diversity to your team. Hiring our youth is not just about filling a position; it’s about igniting success and transforming lives. Be a part of the journey – hire our young people and witness the incredible impact they can make. Top recruitment areas include, but are not limited to, culinary, construction, welding, lifeguarding, and marine technology.

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