Success Stories

Our greatest advocates are the kids themselves

At AMIkids, our approach is anything but ‘one-size fits all.’ Collaborating closely with both youth and families, we strive to champion their aspirations and foster resilient communities. Don’t just take our word for it—listen to the firsthand experiences of the young people whose lives we’ve touched.

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Thankfully, I was sent to AMIkids, where I learned to value myself and life. After graduating AMIkids, I went on to earn a master’s degree in social work and I am pursuing my doctorate.

Scott M., Alumni

AMIkids taught me that there was more to the world than the small town I grew up in and that college was a realistic option for me. Today, I have a successful career in process technology and am a proud husband and father.

Brenton P., Alumni

AMIkids inspired me to change my life, focus on school, and start behaving like a responsible young person. I eventually graduated college and am a History teacher.

Keeyahna S., Alumni

I was unfocused in school and in life. At AMIkids, I was able to improve my grades and get caught up on school and eventually graduated and am now pursuing a business management degree.

Marcella P, Alumni

AMIkids took in a hurt, lost, and defiant girl and turned me into a successful, confident, phenomenal woman.

Shannon J., Alumni

As a child, I suffered from verbal and physical abuse, and when they took my stepfather away, I was emotionally broken. At AMIkids, I was taught how to be a man, how to believe in myself, and that my experiences weren’t my fault.

Will O., Alumni