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At AMIkids Greater Fort Lauderdale, we believe in the power of transformation. Every young person has the potential for greatness, and we’re on a mission to unlock it.

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Our Story


As the original founding program of AMIkids, AMIkids Greater Fort Lauderdale has been dedicated to helping young people discover their true potential and helping them to transform their lives and strengthen our community. AMIkids Greater Fort Lauderdale empowers young people through care and guidance to reach that potential and, as a result, break the cycle of failure and poverty. They don’t give up, so we don’t give up. We stick with them. We foster relationships, care, and a sense of family. And we provide structure. Our Personal Growth Model is a proven success: tying together education and workforce development, treatment, and behavior and skills training. Through our unwavering dedication and personalized care, we help them discover their true potential, transforming their lives and creating a ripple effect of positive change in our community.


What We Offer


Community-based programs offer daily services to youth and families, with youth returning home each day if programming takes place outside of the home. We offer eight unique services with our community-based programs.

  • Soft Skills Training
  • Community Based Referrals for Treatment Services
  • Job Readiness & Placement Services
  • Work Experiences Related to Culinary & Food Service
  • Industry Recognized Credentials (OSHA-10, Safe Staff Food Handler & Manager & More!)
  • Paid Incentives for on-the-Job Training

The U.S. Department of Labor funds 100% of the AMIkids Greater Fort Lauderdale Workforce Development Program, committing $5 million in federal dollars to AMIkids, Inc.

Our Impact

How We Make A Difference

  • 92% of our students have clear education or career plans their first year after high school
  • 90% of students receive OSHA -10, Safe Staff Food Handler & Manager certifications
  • 3,000 industry-recognized certifications were completed last year

AMIkids Greater Fort Lauderdale is led by their respective Executive Director and a volunteer board of local community leaders, ensuring its positive impact on our communities.

AMIkids Greater Fort Lauderdale Executive Director

  • Clansci Black

AMIkids Greater Fort Lauderdale Board Of Trustees

  • Charles Vaughan - Chair
  • Andrew High - Emeritus
  • Randy Sanderson - Treasurer
  • Steve Barrow
  • Neil Emmott
  • Dr. Richard Forum
  • Adam Granit
  • Easton Harrison
  • Jeffrey Hershman
  • Vida Kalhor
  • Judge Michael Orlando
  • Crystal Swinton
  • Tiffany Tait
  • Marc Welch
AMIkids Greater Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Career and Technical Education Community-based

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