Heyward Golden has served as AMIkids Vice President of Operations since 2008. He has held many important leadership positions since he joined AMIkids in 1990, including Director of Operations, Executive Director, Regional Director of three states Georgia, Virginia, and South Carolina.

Before being recruited to AMIkids, Heyward worked for the South Carolina Department of Corrections and was on the South Carolina State Escape Team and the Emergency Response Team. He was also drafted in the 10th round and played professional football for the NFL, NY Giants Defensive Back as well as played for two other professional teams. His professional tour ended in 1986.

Heyward received his M.Ed. in Education Leadership Administration from Georgia Southern University in 2009. He received his B.S. degree in Social Work in 1983 from South Carolina State College, where he attended on Athletic Scholarship for football and was recognized throughout his college years as an all-conference multiple award-winning player.

Heyward Golden grew up in Sumter County, South Carolina, 1 of 14 kids in a single parent home. When he started working with kids – he saw in them himself. It was for him like looking into a mirror, he has lived their life and he credits his mother and grandmother for being the strong role models he needed to be where he is today. His mother taught him to respect leadership in the home and this would carry throughout his life. He believes in the mission of AMIkids, focusing on family values, education, character building and experiential learning. Sharing his own story and his dedication to providing a promising future to troubled youth, is a way for him to give back and help influence kids into making better choices and giving them a bright future.

Some of the many leadership and service awards Heyward has received include:

1995 – The Columbia Urban League Outstanding Service and Commitment to Youth Award

1996 – AMIkids Outstanding Leadership Award

1998 – Eagle Award for Leadership

2006 – President’s Award

Heyward married Sharlene Golden in 1989 and has two kids.