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At AMIkids Clay County, we believe in the power of transformation. Every young person has the potential for greatness, and we’re on a mission to unlock it.

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Discover a place where hope and transformation go hand in hand. AMIkids Clay County, established in 2015, is located in Green Cove Springs, Florida and is a beacon of light for kids who have faced adversity. Our program offers a seamless continuum of care tailored to each individual’s needs. Our approach offers more than education and workforce development, treatment, and behavioral and skills training. Through genuine care, real relationships, and a sense of family, we empower young people to achieve success.


What We Offer


Community-based programs offer daily services to youth and families, with youth returning home each day if programming takes place outside of the home. We offer eight unique services with our community-based programs.

Alternative Education

Alternative Education programs are designed to help students who require additional support typically not available in traditional schools. Students in attendance benefit from academic remediation, positive behavioral skills development, and individualized attention to succeed. AMIkids Alternative Education programs include Infinity Schools, School-within-a-School, and Charter Schools, which operate according to the school district schedule.

Delinquency Prevention

Delinquency Prevention programs provide gender-specific life management skills training, educational services, and youth development activities designed to prevent entry or further involvement in the juvenile justice system.

Family Services

Family Services provide home-based skills-building and/or family counseling and intervention using evidence-based practices. Family services may include program models such as Functional Family Therapy and the AMIkids Family Centric Model™. Family Services programs last approximately two to six months.

Pre-apprenticeship (Career Exploration, Workforce Development)

Pre-apprenticeship programs prepare students aged 16-24 for successful careers, offering industry training that is aligned with each community’s needs for skilled workers. With a combination of academic, technical, and job readiness courses and individualized case management, AMIkids prepares and places students into higher education, jobs, and apprenticeships.


Program Enhancement Services may be provided as standalone or supplementary to a program.

Career and Technical Education

Provided in two age-appropriate models:

  • The AMIkids Career Exploration Model, for ages 11-15, helps youth build self-awareness, learn about potential careers, and develop a plan for reaching future goals.
  • The AMIkids Workforce Development Model, for ages 16-24, utilizes a combination of school-based and work-based learning to help youth learn job readiness skills, earn industry-recognized certifications, and transition to the workforce.

AMIkids Clay County Workforce Development Program Flyer

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The Department of Labor funds 100% of AMIkids Clay County Workforce Development program, committing $1 million in federal dollars

AMIkids Family Centric Model™ (FCM)

These services include research-informed skills training for families, provided in the home or community setting weekly. Services are designed to reduce anti-social behaviors of youth, improve the psychosocial functioning of youth, and improve family functioning.

Our Impact

How We Make A Difference

  • 92% of our students have clear education or career plans their first year after high school
  • We share a close family tie with families through open communication while they attend our school as well as when they successfully move on to their next school placement
  • At AMIkids Clay County, we strive to give our students every opportunity for hands on experiences with our community partners through field trips and presentations.

AMIkids Clay County is led by their respective Executive Director and a volunteer board of local community leaders, ensuring its positive impact on our communities.

AMIkids Clay County Executive Director

  • Maria Prybylski

AMIkids Clay County Board Of Trustees

  • Troy Betts - Chair
  • Freddy Baker
  • Joyce Baker
  • Cory Hutchcraft
  • Michael Layne
  • Barbara Luedtka
  • Jacqueline Reid
  • Angela Sheppard
  • Jacqueline Reid
  • Genevieve Gasque
  • Carmyn Bennett
AMIkids Clay County
Green Cove Springs, FL
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